New commission-free online ordering platform doubles as brand builder for Canadian restaurant and hospitality merchants

TORONTO, Aug. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a move that will level the playing field for Canada’s underserved and densely populated SME foodservice and hospitality industry to compete and thrive against big box brands, Taliup Payment Solutions — the payment technology company focused on cost-effective payment software for small and medium Canadian enterprises — has launched a feature-rich commission-free online ordering platform for restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels to maintain and grow their own independent brands.

Taliup Express™ is the POS solution focused exclusively on foodservice and hospitality businesses looking for an affordable and competitive option to hefty commission third-party apps. This topline customized self-branding platform and merchant-centric mobile app (IOS and Android) redefines SME online presence and maximizes customer engagement.

Taliup Payment Solutions and Taliup Express are owned by parent company Unity Payments, a veteran in the payment processing industry with more than a decade of experience and a roster of nearly 10,000 SME clients across Canada in the local independent foodservice, hospitality and retail category.

Taliup Express features and benefits
Commission-free to the merchant and diner, Taliup Express is a robust online ordering platform for dine-in, take-out and curbside pickup that packs a punch for merchants, powering up client engagement using proprietary, cutting edge POS technology developed in-house. Businesses pay a flat monthly software fee and the credit card processing fee for the online ordering platform.

Diners have several convenient options: go directly to a restaurant’s website or custom mobile app to place an order, or head over to Taliup’s directory and order from any restaurant listed for take-out or curbside pick-up. Diners may also browse the App Store or Google Play Store and download any app powered by Taliup to order directly. The platform is easy to use as it enables restaurants and hospitality businesses to own and expand their customer bases, improve order accuracy and overall efficiency.

Putting money back into the pockets of SME food service and hospitality

Taliup Express also offers contactless dine-in and room service options that cater to changing consumer behaviour. Customers simply scan a QR code to order, pay and tip from their mobile device, enabling users to feel safe, and at the same time alleviating staffing challenges in the post-pandemic environment. Taliup Express’ POS services include, among others, credit card processing terminals for table-side, in-aisle, or on-the-go payments.

“Taliup Express directly answers the needs of small-to-medium foodservice and hospitality businesses by providing them with the same digital tools used by larger enterprises. This enables merchants to reclaim ownership of their ordering systems and customer base, and to be able to offer the dining public specials, discounts and promotions they would not otherwise be able to do on a highly professional level,” says Adam Mouyal, Taliup Express co-founder and CEO. “Taliup Express aims to chart the future health and competitiveness of the SME market by giving restaurants and hospitality the ability to take back control of their operations in a world of big box chains. By not taking a percentage of sales to use our service, we expect merchants will increase profits by up to 30 per cent.”

“Taliup Express is fighting to put more money back into the pockets of SMEs and help local food service outlets thrive and adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands, which is only made possible through cutting-edge technology that heightens the dine-in and take-out experience and reduces the cost per menu item,” continues Mr. Mouyal. “We are in the business of helping the underdog, and our new platform is a welcome addition to our wide array of consumer options.”  

QR codes: leading the way to the future
Taliup Express’ proprietary technology enables both stand-alone restaurants and small chains to reclaim their customers through an integrated system of online ordering that leverages technology to keep the dining public engaged while providing merchants access to their customers, which is critical to survival over the short- and long-term. With QR Code ordering, local merchants can increase efficiency, reduce their employee dependency and streamline staff responsibilities, which will help improve service speed, allowing them to turn tables faster.

Canadian SME local foodservice and hospitality establishments make up 59.44 per cent of the total 226,070 Canadian SME retailers in the market.¹

“Without fully realizing it, restaurants have become employees of out-of-house apps,” adds Jeff Szenes, CEO, Unity Payments. “Our expertise in the payment space tells us the answer is in local retail self-branding, and in eliminating dependence on third-party apps that are negatively impacting the little guy. The dining public would rather go directly to their restaurant of choice. This can be done with Taliup at a fraction of the cost of third-party apps.”

Improving the transactional experience
Taliup Express’ business model is based on lower fees for merchants and lower costs of menu items to the consumer – saving all in the interaction and, therefore, improving the transactional experience. “Many third-party app users would prefer to order directly from a shop or restaurant to support the local economy and businesses,” says Mr. Mouyal. “Taliup Express is poised to take the foodservice and hospitality industry to a level more attuned to its customer base.”

Mr. Mouyal concludes, “The third-party app space may eventually suffer the same fate as companies like Groupon that ran their business on the backs of small restaurants and retailers without thinking about the well-being of their customers. There will also be consumer hesitation to returning to the way things were pre-pandemic; local restaurants will need to adopt new ways to service customers and get them back into their establishments for a safe dine-in experience.”

About Unity Payments
Unity Payments is the parent company of Taliup Payment Solutions and Taliup Express™, and is a Canadian leader in payment systems structured for business growth. Unity Payments is a one-stop solution for every business payment need, from POS systems to touch screen kiosks and online payment processing. The company serves a vast roster of thousands of businesses by providing online reporting and mobile apps, customer engagement, cash payment and tip tracking on tabletop wireless Poynt Smart Terminals, merchant- and customer-facing touchscreens, and customizable branding. Visit

About Taliup Payment Solutions
Taliup Payment Solutions (“Taliup”) is a Canadian payments technology company focused on cost-effective payment software for Canadian SMEs. It manages Taliup Express™, a new zero commission contactless dine-in/in-store and pick-up ordering system built to solve the current and post-pandemic challenges of individual and chain-owned small and medium-sized foodservice and hospitality businesses. The online ordering system helps restaurants, hotels and other retailers accelerate their growth potential by being able to receive unlimited direct orders from their own website and mobile app. As the modern evolution in business payments, Taliup’s ultimate POS solutions allow dine-in customers to order, pay and tip from their mobile device. Taliup also enables the food & beverage and hospitality industry to manage orders and menus in real-time. Visit and connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

(1) Government of Canada: Key Small Business Statistics 2020


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