New Help for Dealing with Extreme Events

SAN JOSE. CA–(Marketwired – Apr 27, 2017) – The world is exploding with uncertainty, from the effects of the rapid rise of populist geopolitics to the confusion of extreme immigration to explosive technological disasters. A new company, X-Event Dynamics LLC (XED), has been created to bring expertise on extreme events to companies, government bodies, and other organizations. X-Events Dynamics provides customized software tools and consulting to (1) help clients identify extreme events (X-Events) that will seriously impact their organizations, (2) help clients manage through X-Events, and (3) allow clients to profit from X-Events.

We rarely know if a particular extreme event will occur to rearrange our lives, but we do know that some extreme event that could affect us is happening all the time. So how do we remain resilient in such a rugged risk landscape? X-events are rare, surprising and high impact events, generally occurring when a current trend quickly ends, shifting to the opposite trend. The crash of a bubble in a rising stock market is a good example of an X-event. So is a political revolution or the outbreak of war between two major powers. How should we prepare today for such unanticipated game-changers? That is the question that XED has been created to address. 

As John Casti, the co-founder of XED, stated its mission: “XED enables corporate managers, directors of government agencies and concerned individuals to understand, anticipate and manage extreme events.”

XED is closely associated with the Global X-Network (, an association of research centers around the world devoted to the study of extreme events. The two organizations have a strong symbiotic relationship that supports mutually complementary projects from both industry, government and academia.

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