New Squid PCI Express Gen3/USB3.1 Carrier Board Supports Multi-Channel Wireless Applications up to 5G

New Squid PCI Express Gen3/USB3

MARKHAM, Ontario, Nov. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amfeltec Corporation announced today the release of its latest Squid addition: the PCI Express Carrier Board for MiniPCIe/M.2 modules supports high-speed multi-channel wireless applications. Presently, this carrier board has the most advanced design on the market, providing the user with maximum versatility for different channel bank applications.
This one-slot-wide, half-length and half-height Carrier Board has six (6) MiniPCI Express circuits, which are located on both sides of the carrier board; they can accommodate any standard MiniPCI Express or M.2 add-in modules (via various MiniPCIe-M.2 adapters).Each MiniPCI Express circuit is independent, and each is connected to the motherboard slot by PCIe (Gen 3)/USB3.1, USB2.0 and SIM interfaces via exchangeable male x4 PCIe or x1 PCIe upstream adapters. This allows the carrier board to be inserted into a PCI Express connector of any size without encountering well-known limitations (US Pat. #9,996,495; additional patent pending).“Many of our customers design systems for high-performance multi-channel applications, so we received multiple requests to expand our Squid Carrier Board family with a product that supports both the new high-speed 4G/5G communication standards, and latest MiniPCIe and M.2 specifications,” says Michael Feldman, President and CTO at Amfeltec Corp. “We have combined minimal size, extensive flexibility, and the capability of bonding different high-bandwidth communication modules (e.g., a mix of GSM, Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, 5G, and full-HD video capture), to achieve a reliable high-performance and multifunction system. We are seeing demand for such functionality, in part, from customers dealing with IoT and industrial networking.”Simplified antenna cabling is done via our on-board mounted 4-to-1 RF Combiner (optional); this feature adds extra value to the low-profile (2U) aspect of the board design. Any modules implemented in MiniPCIe form factor can be mounted directly onto the carrier board; M.2 form factor modules can be mounted via MiniPCIe-M.2 adapters, which support A, B or E key versions.For additional information please visit the product line page: Amfeltec Corporation:
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