New technology resource for volunteer managers in Quebec

HAMILTON, Ontario, June 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Better Impact Inc. of Canada, the only company to offer a dedicated volunteer management software platform available in Canadian French, is currently launching a new initiative to support the volunteer sector in Quebec and other francophone communities across Canada. As a respected player in the volunteer management software sector globally, it has made its software available in French and has recently hired Cameron Segger who will be dedicated to supporting the francophone market. As a Canadian company, it was an inevitable step as they are now able to help non-profit organizations and municipalities all across Canada. The Volunteer Impact software, its online companion volunteer portal at and Mr. Segger’s personal support for Managers of Volunteers will enable Francophone organizations to engage volunteers more efficiently and more effectively. The software helps in a variety of volunteer engagement processes including recruitment, application, training, scheduling, communications and reporting.Better Impact CEO, Tony Goodrow, is excited about the new initiative: “It feels great to finally make this happen as it is long overdue. While it’s always been a goal for us, we first needed to grow to the point where we had the resources to make a long-term commitment to properly supporting Francophone organizations.”Ruth Millard, the Chair of Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada, the country’s national association for leaders of volunteers, recognizes the gap this is filling: “Volunteer management software in Canada should function in both official languages. We applaud Better Impact for supporting Volunteer Management Professionals in both official languages and their ongoing support of professionals living in Quebec and the francophone organizations in Canada.” Organizations that engage volunteers are moving away from using paper forms and spreadsheets in their efforts to be more productive and to embrace current trends in building relationships with their volunteers. As with most things today, volunteers want access to information that is of importance to them and to be able to have some level of control over their own volunteer experiences. It has been a challenge in the past because of a lack of systems that are online and dedicated to volunteer management, especially in French and, given the limited budgets of non-profits, at an affordable cost. Better Impact removes those roadblocks.Better Impact has been helping the nonprofit sector since 2001. What began as an offer to build and donate a custom website to manage volunteers for a local hospice has grown into a platform that encompasses volunteers, donors, members and clients. We don’t see ourselves as a software company though as much as we do a “we’re here to help” company that just happens to provide software and this is reflected in our Core Values. From our headquarters in Canada and offices in the USA, UK and Australia, we are helping non-profits around the world.Contact:Cameron Segger

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