Nexus Energy Products Inc.

Free Energy From Your Back Yard

Located in Morden, Man., Nexus EPI provides complete geothermal solutions with products that include heat pumps, solar-thermal water heating systems, and cutting edge DDC controls for domestic and commercial use, with specialization in the design, specification, supply and installation of ground source heat pump systems through qualified dealers.

Nexus EPI serves the markets in Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and B.C., and offers a complete package and tailored solutions for each project, from expert design and product recommendations, all the way to selecting the installation professionals and aftercare service for homeowners and commercial clients alike.

Nexus EPI offers full system installation services through trained, qualified installing dealers, and always seeks to expand its position of the industry leader through its “coopetition” approach, working closely with all the industry principals, and helping clients find accredited installers and geothermal professionals in their area, building a network of connections that make geothermal solutions happen for clients across Canada. Nexus EPI strives to grow its market presence and become the company of choice for customers who seek the best in geothermal technologies.

“Nexus Energy Products Inc. was established to provide contractors and installers a one stop approach for energy saving equipment. A partner that would provide them with everything they need, not only quality products they are searching for but also the expertise and knowledge to support those products,” says Marvin Dueck, Manager at Nexus EPI, who’s been active in the industry for over 20 years.

Nexus Systems

Nexus EPI provides its customers with a whole line of solutions, including geothermal heat pumps, air handlers, solar solutions, and in-floor heating. Heat pumps move heat between the in-ground loop system and the house, providing year round climate control – heating in winter and cooling and dehumidifying in summer. An air handling unit conditions and circulates air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The company’s solar solutions focus on solar water heating systems that collect the sun’s energy to heat water. Floor heating systems can be installed under the sub flooring or in a concrete slab floor, creating a radiant heat that warms home from the ground up.

In the U.S., EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recognizes geothermal systems as the most energy efficient heating and cooling system available today. The technology taps the free energy naturally stored in the earth, uses no fossil fuels and very little electricity. A Geothermal system also has the capability of capturing reclaimed heat and reduces water heating cost by 50 to 60 per cent. Compared to the traditional heating and cooling, the system is also one of the quietest systems available.

“The beautiful thing about geothermal heating and cooling systems is that it is somewhat of a black box. End users don’t understand it so they end up doing a lot of research on their own and determine that it is a smart choice in a comfort system. Then the only thing left to do is find an experienced and qualified installer. Nexus’ contracting installers are highly qualified and must meet certain criteria to be a successful heat pump dealer.

“Nexus Energy Products Inc. works to become Western Canada’s foremost representative of green technologies because of our changing world. The environment is changing and we wanted to be a part of the solution. There are a lot of mainstream heating and cooling products on the market but the reality is that most have not been designed with the environment or the Canadian climate in mind. Ultimately, these products are not nearly as efficient as they could be in our climate. In a climate where we can experience extreme and long heating seasons as well as some hot but albeit short cooling season a geothermal heating and cooling system fits extremely well. These systems do not use oil or gas, and the heating and cooling system in a single unit. It uses only a small amount of electricity compared to an electric resistance heating systems, and it can operate on renewable hydroelectricity if available. It does not create heat energy, it just transfers energy to and from the earth,” elucidated Dueck.

“The extra investment to install a geothermal unit has a very high ROI,” states Ron M. Wright, Regional Sales Manager for Enertech Global – Canada, and continued, “A properly sized unit and loop, properly installed, ensures customer satisfaction and savings.”

“One very big benefit of geothermal technology is commonly referred to as a ‘negawatt’,” added Shawn Melton, Vice-President of Sales for
Enertech Global. “A negawatt is a unit of power representing the amount of energy saved. Geothermal has a greater annual impact on energy conservation as compared to other renewable energy or other sources of space conditioning for homes.”

Nexus EPI strives to offer the best products available in the market today, selecting products specifically for their performance, quality and reliability. That’s why the company offers the best in heat pump products on the market today — the Hydron Module brand. Hydron Module Revolution series geothermal systems are up to 500 per cent more efficient compared to the fossil fuel systems. At the same time, the heat pumps offered by the competition are a mere 95 per cent more efficient at best. All in all, this system promises to save up to 70 per cent off heating and cooling costs compared to the conventional systems.

“We won’t take on a new line or a new product until we ourselves have been trained, educated and experienced with that product. That’s why geothermal is our No. 1 product, it’s what we know,” concluded Dueck.