Nicole Newman: Transforming Loss into Connection – A Medium’s Quest to Heal and Unveil the Spirit World

CRESCENT BEACH, British Columbia, Jan. 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At the heart of Love of Avery Kind lies a profound story of healing and connection. Founded by Nicole Newman, a medium transformed by the loss of her son Avery, this sanctuary beckons those who seek comfort, clarity, and a deeper bond with the spiritual realm. This month, Nicole invites you to join her transformative journey, with the unveiling of the Love of Avery Kind Gathering Space — an online community where hearts heal and spirits converse.

Founder of Love of Avery Kind, Nicole Newman

Set to open later this month, the Gathering Space promises to become a bastion of solace, learning, and growth. Nicole is extending a warm invitation to experience the community with a one-month free trial in the top tier, Love Project. Members can look forward to live events, educational classes, interactive breathwork sessions, meditations, and enriching talks designed to foster knowledge, understanding, and personal evolution.

“I hope you at least join in for gatherings for the free month,” says Nicole, whose welcoming embrace shines through her every endeavor. “This is a ‘work in progress,’ and you are welcome to participate for free at least one event per month, and much more often for a fee.”

In addition to her online offerings, Nicole’s excitement is palpable as she gears up for the “Journey into Consciousness” retreat in Maui. This transformational trance escape is more than an event; it’s a profound experience, harmonizing souls with the universal energies that bind us all. It echoes her unwavering commitment to fostering a space where individuals can break free from the chains of grief and embrace the boundless possibilities of their existence.

The retreat symbolizes a celebration of life amidst recovery, as Nicole is dedicated to supporting local Maui businesses rebuilding after the summer’s island fires. She encourages all who can to “get out to Maui if you can!” for this unparalleled opportunity — an assurance of unforgettable moments of reflection and discovery.

Continuing with her mission to guide others on their path toward spiritual awakening, Nicole’s “Exploration of Mediumship & Our Own Evolution” series offers yet another vessel for voyaging into the self. Open for registration, these classes are intimate, dynamic, and, as Nicole describes, “full of spirit input.” They prompt profound dialogues and offer hands-on practice, solidifying a collective where every soul, from the novice to the seasoned seeker, contributes to an atmosphere of mutual growth and inspiration.

Nicole is also thrilled to announce the five Mastery Series Classes led by the renowned Tony Stockwell, an internationally recognized and respected medium who has profoundly impacted Nicole’s journey. These classes, open to all levels of experience, promise to stretch the awareness of participants to the edge of the universe under Tony’s expert guidance.

Members of the collective are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to fuel their progress on the mediumistic path. “Do not let the ‘mastery series’ deter you if you feel you are in the early stages of your development,” assures Nicole. Each individual’s journey is unique, and Love of Avery Kind serves as a source of nourishment and expression for every stage of the soul’s sojourn.

Nicole Newman’s message is clear: “We are all at varying levels of experience, and mediumship is not a linear ‘art.’ We are all in this together — one massive collective of individual soul beings evolving to the best of our ability in this moment.” She invites everyone interested to engage in a conversation, join a group event, or participate in the community’s open forum. Her hope is to connect with each individual, offering a haven where hearts heal, and spirits soar.

As she concludes, “Hope to see you soon!” Nicole Newman reiterates her commitment to nurturing the bonds of humanity and spirits intertwined. In the Open Arms of Love of Avery Kind, every seeker is ushered into a world where loss transforms into eternal connection, and mediumship becomes a beacon of everlasting light.

For more information, registration, and participation, please visit Nicole’s website.

About Nicole Newman and Love of Avery Kind:

Nicole Newman, the soul behind Love of Avery Kind, is a compassionate medium and spiritual guide committed to helping people reconnect with loved ones in the spirit world. Founded in memory of her son Avery, her practice extends beyond traditional mediumship to embrace healing and personal evolution. Based in Crescent Beach, British Columbia, Love of Avery Kind serves as a haven for those navigating the path of grief and spiritual curiosity. Through her online Gathering Space, transformational retreats, and insightful classes, Nicole offers grounding, guidance, and the chance to explore the enduring bonds of love and spirit.

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