Nossack Food Group

Manufacturing with integrity

“Our passion for excellence in quality, service and customer satisfaction has been a family tradition since 1894, and the tradition continues….”

Established in 1982 Nossack Fine Meats Ltd. began as a deli operation when Karsten Nossack’s family moved from Frankfurt, Germany to Red Deer, Alta., on a commitment to the finest quality meats and founded on the pride and legacy of German fine butcher tradition.

Like his father, grandfather and great-grandfather before that, Karsten Nossack has professional certification as a master butcher and sausage maker, a certification rare to be found in Canada, on top of his graduation as import-export trader and an eagerness to put both to good use in his new home and continue his family tradition.

Initially purchasing half of an Austrian-owned deli restaurant in Red Deer, the family worked closely with customers, gaining an understanding of North American tastes and culture. After this two-year education, Nossack put his skills to work, producing the company’s own high quality meat products under the banner of Nossack Fine Meats. “Nothing Could Be Finer” was and is the claim when he started with beef jerky, expanding to pork, beef, sausage, pastrami and turkey.

Today the company is also certified for Halal and organic meats.

Karsten Nossack believes it is his family’s dedication, professionalism and integrity that have enabled the Nossack Food Group to reach such heights of success.

“When we go to a master school we stick with this profession for life,” he says. “We are not an overnight success, but that dedication combined with tradition and passion allows for success. With the knowledge from master school we learn to identify not only the ingredients and how to create recipes, but also how to keep control of the cost factor and productions products that fit everybody’s needs.”

Showing no signs of slowing down, 2003 saw the company add a newly built 40,000 square foot distribution centre that can hold 4.3 million kilograms of food products. The Nossack Distribution Centre allows for complete control of incoming raw materials and finished goods. This is “the centre of our business,” says Nossack. “We take over raw material incoming from Alberta immediately and store it ourselves, as well as control all the logistics for going in and out, which usually reaches our customer within 24 to 72 hours.” The centre has room for an expansion of an additional 140,000 square feet, which it looks like will be needed.

Adding a third banner to the Nossack Food Group, Nossack Gourmet Foods was incepted in 2008, formerly known as Sepp’s Fine Food Innisfail, Alta. “Quick Comforts From Your Oven” represents frozen and ready-to-eat gourmet cuisine made for quick and memorable meals with the same priority: exceptional quality.

“With the Distribution Centre, Fine Meats and Gourmet Foods all combined under the Nossack Food Group we push integrity in our business and put food safety to the forefront where it belongs,” says Karsten Nossack. In 1994, Nossack Fine Meats became federeally inspected and approved. Gaining HACCP certification for Nossack Fine Meats in 2001 and Nossack Gourmet Foods in July 2000, the company exceeds all mandatory CFIA Food Safety Regulations, i.e., testing for Listeria, E-coli 0157:H7. Third party audits are conducted annually.

Currently supplying to major distributors from coast to coast and based on their national acceptance in the Canadian market, Nossack Food Group is looking to expand its horizon to markets outside of Canada. Nossack has “exceeded our goals when we arrived from Germany and we are working on extending the success.”  The next generation with Karsten and Catharina Nossack is already involved in the business for years and prepared to take over responsibilities.

With a fine tradition and bright future, Nossack Food Group is an example of the best in the Canadian food industry.