November 11 Editorial

The Canadian Business Journal is published every month with a singular goal: to showcase the best of Canadian business nationally and around the world.

For the November issue, we advocate on behalf of one of our most globally influential companies, Research in Motion Inc. The recent problems the company has faced do not merit the wolf pack that has set upon it, and we predict that 2012 will be a banner year for the company if it can learn from its missteps, react quickly to speculation and concentrate on fewer, more popular products.

Despite a less-than-optimistic report from the Bank of Canada which reported the Canadian economy has weakened since June, Canadian business continues to lead the charge toward a robust domestic economy, with “business fixed investment still expected to grow solidly in response to very stimulative financial conditions and heightened competitive pressures, although it will be dampened by the weaker and more uncertain global economic environment.”

Now more than ever, it’s important to celebrate our best and brightest, such as Fundy Tidal, a company in Nova Scotia that is using the most current science to harness the power of the Bay of Fundy, and Aboriginal Pipeline Group, a partner with the groundbreaking Mackenzie Valley gas project in the Northwest Territories, as well as many others proudly featured in our pages.

Continued support of Canadian business and entrepreneurs will help shield us from the turbulent economies of other countries. As Rick Costanzo said to us regarding the future at RIM, “There are tremendous opportunities in front of us. The question is how do we best approach them?”

Anna Guy