November 2017 Issue of The Canadian Business Journal Now Available

CBJ November 2017

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO – The November issue of The Canadian Business Journal is available at Click here to enter the magazine directly. Click “Full Screen” on the bottom navigation pane for optimal viewing.

This edition takes a look at the federal government’s NAFTA negotiations with the United States and Mexico. Will it be tweaked, modified significantly, or scrapped altogether? There are several different schools of thought as to how this will all play out. It’s our cover story this month.

Hendrik Brakel, Senior Director, Economic, Financial & Tax Policy at The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, also provides a column on NAFTA and opines that no deal would be better than a bad deal.

Columnist Mark Borkowski discusses workplace harassment and how it can cost you plenty. Kevin Huhn examines the use of media relations and how it can often be the missing link to corporate success. Intuit Canada President Jeff Cates has a guest column on building a strong reputation for you and your freelance business.

In our Business in Action Section we have a number of comprehensive corporate profiles including: GBL Architects Inc; Ceres Global AG Corp; the Munck Cranes Group of Companies; Cypher Environmental and TWI Foods Inc. There is all of that and much more in this edition.

(Marketwired – Nov. 6, 2017)