Now and Forever, the Focus Should Be on Air Disinfection, Not Air Filtration, According to Aerobiovac Canada

TORONTO, Aug. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Air purification, the general industry term used for cleaning the air we breathe. The general perception of the air purification process is air filtration. In the air “purification” industry, it is accepted that the most advanced commercial HVAC/HEPA systems operating at top efficiency are only able to “filter” up to 99.97% of airborne “particles” as small as 0.3 microns.

Germs, spores, bacteria and viruses including the SARS-CoV-2 cannot be eliminated by traditional HVAC/HEPA systems or by adding additional portable air filtration devices. These airborne pathogens are simply too small to be captured by even the most advanced air filtration systems. The deadly airborne pathogens exist in the .03 percent. Deadly airborne pathogens that are anywhere from 60x to 300x smaller than 0.3 microns that the most efficient air filtration systems in the world fail to capture and / or eliminate.

Traditional HVAC/HEPA systems are not designed to disinfect and are therefore unable to remove 100% of the pathogens in the air we breathe. Augmenting Traditional HVAC/HEPA systems with portable air filtration devices that provide similar or lower efficiency has inadvertently created one of the pandemics’ most significant public “false sense of security” perceptions. It also inadvertently represents one of the most significant misspends of private and public monies across a wide range of pandemic expenditures.

The most dangerous airborne pathogens are the germs, spores, bacteria and viruses that are simply too small to be captured and eliminated by traditional HVAC/HEPA or portable air filtration devices.

The goal of purifying indoor spaces, now and in the future should be removing 100% of all airborne pathogens, and establishing a new benchmark focused on air disinfection vs. air filtration. A new standard for indoor air quality that raises efficiency to 100%. A new level of effectiveness focused on removing 100% of all airborne particles including the pathogens that lie in the 0.03 percent.

Unless a new standard is established for those indoor spaces that require the highest level of protection, then illness caused by germs, spores, bacteria and viruses that are transmitted through the air we breathe will continue to impact our society now and in the future.

AEROBIOVAC Canada President and 25-year veteran of the HVAC / Mechanical Industry, Andy Kostopoulos explains; “most indoor residential and commercial buildings that have newer equipment have very efficient air filtration systems in place and are providing a high level of effectiveness. However, when it comes to protecting the air we breathe and eliminating airborne pathogens, a higher level of technology is necessary, and our focus moves from air filtration to AIR DISINFECTION.”

AEROBIOTIX Inc. is a US manufacturer of air disinfection systems for medical and healthcare facilities and their products are currently in use in over 250 hospitals across the US. The Aerobiotix systems target the elimination of all hospital airborne pathogens using a scientifically proven and patented UV Photolytic Chamber. In October of 2020 and at the height of the current pandemic, AEROBIOTIX expanded their focus beyond healthcare to providing indoor air quality solutions for government agencies, long term care facilities, schools, commercial office and high-density residential environments.

“The Aerobiotix technology is a scientifically proven air disinfection system that when combined with current HVAC and HEPA systems, ensures that 100% of all airborne particles AND pathogens are continuously removed from the targeted indoor airspace,” says Kostopoulos.

At the core of the Aerobiotix technology is the proprietary UV Photolytic Chamber which contains approximately 2400 transparent quartz tubular elements. These quartz cylinders are oriented randomly to create an “obstacle course” for pathogens when they enter. This effectively slows their path and while the pathogens are working their way through the maze, they are exposed to two (2) 16W C-Band ultraviolet lights operating at 254 nm wavelength for a minimum of six (6) seconds. This delay is referred to as “dwell time” and the basis of the Aerobiotix IP and has been determined scientifically as a primary requirement to break the RNA codes and eliminate these pathogens on from the air on a single pass. The quartz elements allow 99.9% of UVC to pass through and act as a magnifying glass which amplifies the UVC to 3x stronger than the next leading competitor. Pathogens require this lengthy exposure time to break their RNA chain.

Kostopoulos explains, “The key element of the Aerobiotix technology and the science that separates the Aerobiotix air disinfection system from all other competitors, is their patented technology. The ability to slow the pathogens down and increase the amount of time that the pathogens traveling through the system are continuously exposed to ultraviolet light.”

Aerobiovac Canada is the exclusive distributor of the AEROBIOTIX Medical Grade, air disinfection systems. These systems are manufactured in Miamisburg, Ohio. Aerobiovac Canada is in the process of working with the Provincial Government to bring manufacturing to Ontario. Providing cost effective manufacturing and distribution, keeping the cost of the technology and systems as accessible as possible while creating new jobs for our economy is the primary focus of the company.

Filtering 99.97 percent of the particles in the air is simply not good enough. This 99.97% gives people a false sense of security as it does not eliminate those airborne pathogens currently causing this pandemic and future pandemics.

“If we continue to simply upgrade our filtration systems or ad portable filtration devices, then we are going to fight a losing battle when it comes to ensuring the air we breathe is safe at all times,” said Kostopoulos.

Aerobiotix is the ONLY clean air technology that has been scientifically tested and proven to eliminate 100% of all germs, spores, bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on a single pass. Aerobiotix is the most scientifically tested and verified air disinfection system in the world with 14 peer-reviewed published papers, 3 case studies and 2 white papers to-date.

People in general do not know, what they do not know. “Right now, our company is as much in the education business as we are in the air disinfection business, and this is fine by me,” said Kostopoulos.

NOW AND FOREVER, THE FOCUS SHOULD BE ON AIR DISINFECTION, NOT AIR FILTRATION. Achieving 99.97% efficiency is not good enough, the ENEMY lies in the 0.03 percent



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The ILLUVIA® Air Disinfection System is a mobile air handling device which uses a patented UVC Photolytic Chamber with novel photolysis and mechanical filtration technologies to achieve total air disinfection of all viruses, bacteria, and spores including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). It is intended to produce a directed, non-turbulent flow of air that has been treated to remove microorganisms to provide an area free of contaminants within critical healthcare settings and all other spaces that require the same level of air decontamination.

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