Canadian Farm Realty

Where personal service leads to international success

With nearly 40 years of combined farm real estate experience, the Canadian Farm Realty team brings together a group of licensed real estate agents dedicated to finding suitable buyers for farms, farmland, bare lands, livestock farms and everything related to the agricultural industry. The company focuses its business efforts on Manitoba and Saskatchewan, providing exceptional customer service to farm buyers and sellers.

Dolf Feddes, one of the founders and a partner in Canadian Farm Realty, told The Canadian Business Journal, “Farm real estate represents a specialty real estate field. To succeed in the field, the real estate provider must thoroughly understand the buyers’ farming needs, and match them with suitable farms. To provide this, our representatives must have a good grasp and understanding of farming and all farming processes therefore, all our real estate representatives have farming experience and background. They understand what drives and moves the farmers. They understand the emotional states of the farmers who are selling their farms when they are ready to retire. These are often trying situations for the sellers and to navigate them for everyone’s benefit can be a difficult process. That being said, we make the extra effort, making ourselves accessible and available to our clients at all times, so we can provide an explanation or help to resolve all issues quickly, making exceptional customer service and client satisfaction a priority.

“The agricultural industry currently finds itself in a very good market cycle, and farming and farm real estate are great business segments to be involved with right now. As a market overall, the farm real estate moves at a much slower pace than the housing real estate. It often takes a year or so to move and finalize the property sale. In exceptional cases, it can take up to several years to find a suitable buyer. We are currently able to move and sell some 40 to 50 farms a year. This is a fairly large number in this particular market. As such, we have cornered this market in our main territories of central and western Manitoba, and we are also a major farm real estate broker in Saskatchewan.”

Manitoba & Saskatchewan’s farming realities

Manitoba, the so-called keystone province, lies in the middle of North America and the heart of Canada. According to Statistics Canada Census of Agriculture, with 19,054 farms in Manitoba, the province accounted for 8.3 per cent of Canada’s 229,373 farms in 2006, with 11.6 million acres of cropland, averaging 1,001 acres of land per farm.

Saskatchewan is the sixth largest province in Canada. According to Statistics Canada Census of Agriculture, Saskatchewan agricultural land alone comprises 44 per cent of the total Canadian farmland. There were 44,329 farms in Saskatchewan in 2006, with 37 million acres of total cropland, averaging 1,449 acres per farm. The land is used for crop production, mixed farming and dairying. Saskatchewan produces about 54 per cent of Canada’s wheat.

European connection

Besides seeking out farm buyers within the provinces, Canadian Farm Realty also focuses on creating a unique market relationship, connecting Canadian farming real estate with European farmers. The company connects Canadian sellers and European buyers interested in farming in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and growing the Canadian farming community. To find interested buyers abroad, the company extensively markets its services in most Western European countries especially in the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, France, and Germany, visiting local trade shows and promoting Manitoba and Saskatchewan farming.

“Most of our real estate agents are able to speak either Dutch or German, so we have strong ties to the old continent, Netherlands and Germany especially, so we focus on offering the Canadian advantage here. Farming represents a large segment in these countries, and the industry skills are fully transferable,” Feddes said. “There is a certain farming learning curve during the adjustment period, but German and Dutch farmers have great agricultural experience and are ready to take on the challenge; to learn, to adapt and to succeed. We also provide support for these European farmers, linking them with the suitable Canadian immigration support services they may require in order to start farming in Manitoba and Saskatchewan as Canadians. We have fully realized this market potential, bringing European farmers to Canada.

“In the international aspect of our business, new media had been the major driver for us. Our website supported us on the international scale, providing information to European farmers interested in becoming Canadian farmers. Without this support, we would not be able to accomplish and become one of the leading farm real estate companies in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.”