Numi Health Now Supporting Employers With Workplace COVID-19 Screening, Utilizing Free Tests Provided by Government of Alberta

CALGARY, Alberta, March 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Numi Health Inc. (“Numi”), Canada’s premier mobile medical service, is pleased to announce it is working with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to provide two million free rapid COVID-19 tests to eligible organizations. Numi is launching this flagship project in partnership with Edmonton International Airport (EIA) to provide testing to front-line airport employees.

Employers and service providers can apply to receive free rapid test kits for their organization’s COVID-19 screening programs, helping identify and isolate pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic cases early to stop the spread. Similar rapid testing programs have been successfully piloted in long-term care facilities, hospitals and other high-risk environments.

“Many Albertans are not able to work from home during the pandemic,” says Peter Verburg, Founder and CEO of Numi. “Protecting the health and safety of those on the front-lines is crucial and we are proud to support Alberta businesses, starting with Edmonton International Airport, as they take this next step in employee health and safety.”

Numi’s end-to-end solution helps eligible employers complete and submit the AHS testing form along with Numi’s standard operating procedures for point-of-care testing. Numi provides a range of services, from test delivery to training and medical oversight for companies that wish to conduct their own program. The Numi medical team is also able to assist with positive test notification to public health authorities.

The eight-week-long EIA pilot program will see Numi’s team of experienced nurses and medics administer as many as 500 tests each week. The voluntary rapid antigen tests take less than 30 minutes, from swab to result, and are available to asymptomatic employees working directly with the public, such as airline staff and employees in terminal shops and restaurants.

“Health and safety are our top priorities, and this is an evolution of our rigorous COVID-19 protocols to have the safest facility we can,” says Myron Keehn, Vice President of Air Service and Business Development at EIA. “Partnering with Numi gives front-line employees access to COVID-19 screening that will ultimately help keep passengers and the general public safe and reduce the spread of the virus.”

Numi was already the exclusive provider of COVID-19 antigen tests for travelers at Edmonton and Calgary International Airports and now companies can also use this platform for efficient booking, test delivery and results notification for workplace screening to ensure any employee who wishes to get screened before a shift can do so.

Numi’s innovative app and service model provides Canadians with a simple way to order and receive medical care in the comfort and safety of their home or office, in addition to select brick-and-mortar locations. The Calgary-based company is expanding quickly, with nurse and medic recruitment underway in cities across Canada. The company has already delivered services to individuals and corporate clients in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Other cities will be announced soon.

About Numi Health Inc.

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