NutraLab Canada

Nutraceutical Experts

NutraLab Canada is a one stop solution for nutritional supplements and vitamin contract manufacturing.

Opening its doors in 1996, over the years NuraLab Canada has grown to a team of more than 60. The company was founded by Dr. Peter Ou, who holds a PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology from University College London. In addition to his research in western medicine, Ou also has a significant educational background in traditional herbal medicines.

The company’s founding concept has paved the way for its history of success: as a supplier of affordable and high quality nutritional supplements. On a competitive landscape, NutraLab Canada provides low cost, quality products in several dosages and forms, including raw, liquid, and capsule.

Given Ou’s background in pharmaceutical research and his strong interest in natural health supplements, it was only natural to begin his business of NutraLab Canada. Ou told The Canadian Business Journal, “Based on my beliefs and academic concepts, I realized the potential and demand that exists in the marketplace today for vitamin supplements. People are aging and are looking to live more active lives.”

Brand Awareness

NutraLab Canada offers the best technologies that create a streamlined process of concept to market. Comprised of three market services, NutraLab Canada is a provider of raw materials, manufacturing operations, and has also developed its own private label supplement. Despite its potential as a value-added operation, Ou noted the challenges that NutraLab Canada experienced in first entering the market with it’s own brand.

“In the beginning, the company had difficulty with recognition,” Ou explained. “Private label companies did not have the facilities to be a manufacturer and they had to depend on our manufacturing to help them. We realized that in order for this company to be competitive in the future, we also needed to offer an in-house brand.”

Accordingly, NutraLab Canada’s MapleLife Nutrition brand was launched in an effort to meet this demand, in addition to a growing international market interest for Canadian quality products. Today, the company’s in-house brand has emerged as its primary focus toward strategic future growth. In the coming years, the aim is for Maple Life Nutrition to capture its potential as a global leading nutraceutical brand.

“We participate in a lot of international tradeshows and activities to support our company and brand,” Ou detailed. “In five years, we will have more opportunities for product registration as well, so NutraLab Canada and our brand will not only be in Canada, but we will be global.

“Compared to our competitors, we have set up our company with all kinds of facilities and components in house to manufacture our brand. We have the synergies and the manufacturing experience where if a customer needs an ingredient, we can supply them. We also have a raw material specialist in-house, and we can help customers with ingredients to make their own formulations.”

Culture and Diversity

The employee makeup of NutraLab Canada includes backgrounds from a variety of countries from around the world including Asia and Europe. NutraLab Canada believes this is critical piece of its business as this group has brought a unique energy and motivation to the company. At NutraLab Canada, the employees take pride in their work and the company, seeing it as their own. A new immigrant to Canada himself, Ou believes that as a manager of a global business, it is essential to embrace the multicultural marketplace in order to ensure the company’s long-term sustainability.

“Diversity is an integral part of who we are as a company, how we operate, and how we see our future. NutraLab is a typical example for a new immigrant who wants to bring a little of China to Canada,” Ou concluded. “We have followed our proven concept and synergies. These unite with our background to be successful. My experience is a good example to many in China who want to be successful businesspeople.”