Oakville Conference Centre

No Ordinary Event

A major property of Edge Hospitality Group, Oakville Conference Centre is a full service facility specializing in weddings, social, and corporate events.Conveniently situated along the Queen Elizabeth Highway, the Oakville Conference Centre is a major 30,000 square foot space capable of accommodating up to 1,000 guests for any special occasion.

A leading organization in the catering facility business, Oakville Conference Centre is a full suite offering, from food and drink catering, to event planning and décor, as well as state-of-the-art audio visual production and presentation. The Oakville Conference Centre is a one stop shop for all your event hosting needs.

Ideal Location

Given its location, the Oakville Conference Centre is well placed to serve the best of both worlds, the Greater Toronto and Greater Hamilton markets, situated on the QEW corridor between the two urban communities. This location is also home to many commercial and industrial businesses, many of which have become frequent clients of the Oakville Conference Centre. The facility is also centred between two hotels, and these added accommodations further its appeal for event hosting, particularly for travelling guests and out-of-town events such as weddings.

“Location is our biggest competitive advantage,” Antonio D’Anello, Vice-President and Executive Chef with Oakville Conference Centre, told The Canadian Business Journal. “Other halls are not as ideally located as us. We are one of the very few halls and reception banquet centres in the GTA corporate corridor. While there are few others along that corridor, they don’t offer what we offer. With us, you don’t have to bring in outside vendors. You can come here, pick your DJ, your audio visual package, your linen and décor packages, your food, your service type, your bar type … we offer it all.”

Culinary Experience

Also unique to Oakville Conference Centre is its emphasis on high quality, great tasting cuisine. Given that the vice-president also doubles as the executive chef of the facility, the commitment to delicious food is a given.

“We choose the best seasonal products and prepare them from scratch; there is nothing out of a bag. It’s real, homestyle cooking,” D’Anello detailed. “We use classic techniques and culinary styles. I am a chef at heart, that is my background, and when you have a chef that is running the company, there is a lot more emphasis on food. The food is what keeps people coming back, especially from the social aspect. Service is also equally important, and we go the extra effort to make sure that every single person leaving this building is happy because every single one of them can potentially be another event in the future.”

Oakville Conference Centre is a major player when it comes to well-orchestrated affairs and a cause for celebration. In business for more than a decade, the facility sees the seasonal trends of its business calendar, which typically means greater event traffic through weekends and in the summer months. This trend was highlighted further through the recent recession, with many corporations searching for cost savings which resulted in less frequent corporate outings and catered seminars.

“We took a hit shortly after the big recession but we are slowly starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, where corporations are spending more and they are starting to come back,” D’Anello explained. “We have learned to do more with less, where we restructured in the past two years to compete in the new world. Special events don’t occur every day – that’s why they are called special.”

Looking toward the future, the Oakville Conference Centre sees increased business opportunities in its off-premise division, meaning adding venues and off-site events to its portfolio. When business isn’t as hectic in-house, it allows the company to pursue opportunities in expanding outside the actual bricks and mortar of the Oakville Conference Centre.

“It’s difficult to maximize our facility space to be busy every single day of the week because that doesn’t happen in our business,” D’Anello concluded. “It is about curbing sales mixes and business trends. For us, that means our primary focus will be on adding a few other unique sites, such as a lake side or old mansion property to do smaller, quainter functions, and off-season events. Using the Oakville Conference Centre as our hub, everything comes out of our facility to expand our reach. There is a lot of business out there, so it’s a matter of going out and getting it.”