Olli Brands Inc. Announces Launch of New Value Brand STARTS in Ontario

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, July 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Olli Brands Inc. (OBi) is proud to announce the launch of the newly created STARTS brand (www.funstarts.com). OBi has recognized the consumer desire and need for more value offerings in the edible cannabis space. By offering a unique and cheerful value proposition, STARTS’ mission is to provide a consistently safe and enjoyable experience to both new and experienced consumers in Canada.

Two new confectionery products will be launched in Ontario at the beginning of July, followed by 2 more products at the beginning of August; with plans to launch in Alberta by the end of the year.

Olli Brands Inc. (OBi) remains fully committed to its vision to be the leading innovative, house of edibles for both in-house brands and private label partners.

About Olli Brands Inc.

Olli Brands Inc. (OBi) is a Toronto, Ontario based cannabis-infused product manufacturer who works with best-in-class suppliers to offer high quality cannabis goods. OBi seeks out premium ingredients, cultivates rich partnerships, and works passionately to deliver best-in-class cannabis product quality. OBi takes a food first approach to innovation. All products are manufactured at the Olli Brands Inc. facility located in Toronto, Ontario.

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