Ontario’s Alcohol Training Program Reaches 100,000 Enrollments

Smart Serve Ontario gives opportunity to 100,000 peopleThe period for free enrollment has now ended
TORONTO, April 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On March 26th, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) announced new measures introduced by the Government of Ontario that would temporarily allow liquor licensed establishments to sell beer, wine, and spirits as part of food orders for takeout or delivery. With that announcement, the AGCO and Smart Serve Ontario made the decision to partner to provide free access, for a limited time, to the Smart Serve Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Training Program.Smart Serve Ontario wanted to help support the immediate need for more food delivery drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help support the hospitality and tourism industry of Ontario.“We have had such an extraordinary response from the community, job training partners, and institutions, we thank you. We are happy to know so many have benefited from this initiative,” said Mary D’Alton, Board Chair, Smart Serve Ontario. “This opportunity has been able to support 100,000 enrollments, a value of $3.5 Million, and that makes us proud.”However, due to the tremendous response, we’ve had to close the offer before the end of the month. For anyone who has already started their online training, you will still have 30-days from the date you enrolled to complete your training and certification test. The Smart Serve Online training program continues to be available for $34.95 + tax.With a mandate to support the industry, we will continue to work hard and find new ways to educate and support, as we move through this ever-changing environment together.“We knew we wanted to do something to help,” said Richard Anderson, Executive Director, Smart Serve Ontario. “We are excited to know that so many people are becoming certified, educated, and ready to work safely, when we are back and open for business”.For those who continue to work in the frontlines, manufacturing, retail, food delivery, and takeout business, we THANK YOU!Being responsible when consuming alcohol also remains an important focus for us. We want to continue to make sure all Ontarian’s are making informed and responsible choices when consuming alcohol, even in their home environment. If you find you are in need of help or would like to talk or chat, please reach out: ConnexOntario.ca, Distress and Crisis Ontario.org, or find programs and resources at CAMH.ca.
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