Optimum Publishing International announces Wilful Blindness, How a network of narcos, tycoons and CCP agents infiltrated the West

Optimum Publishing International announces Wilful Blindness, How a network of narcos, tycoons and CCP agents infiltrated the West


Global Book Launch May 20th 4:00 P.M. EDT via Teleconference www.opibooks.com/events-1

Featuring Ivy Li, Dr. Teng Biao, Dr. Charles Burton, Benedict Rogers and Dean Baxendale

“Explosive revelations that expose our governments complicity with the Chinese Communist Party in undermining democracy and national security.”

Charles Burton, Senior Fellow Macdonald Laurier Institute

Beijing is weaponizing fentanyl in diplomacy with the West according to law enforcement here in Canada.

“History does not repeat itself. But it does rhyme,” often attributed to Mark Twain. 

Sam Cooper was one of Canada’s first investigative journalists in Canada to begin to uncover the link between Casinos and Money Laundering by drug cartels. But now his conclusions go deeper as he links these same TNOC groups to China and Iran.

Wilful Blindness furthers the case that the Fentanyl Crisis is a Reverse Opium War on western nations and in part is being financed through money laundering in Canada.

The book asserts according to intelligence sources that Vancouver is the primary port for fentanyl precursors manufactured in Quandong province and exported to North America. Vancouver is the fourth largest port in North America and has little to no ability to stop the flow. Over 500,000 people have died of overdoses on the streets and in homes across North America since 2010 according to US and Canadian statistics.

But law enforcement and CSIS had been sounding alarm bells in Ottawa for decades but the voices seemed to be silenced all the way up the chain of command in government. In fact when the preliminary Sidewinder Report was leaked to the Globe and Mail it was rebuffed by members in CSIS, RCMP and the government. Yet the first two wrote the report for the Chretien Liberals who were in power at the time.   

Alex Joske, of the Australian Security Institute says this of Wilful Blindness, “Even more shocking, links to the Chinese Communist Party dance around the edges of the case. So do links to local and national political figures. “

Decades of bad policy allowed drug cartels, first and foremost the Big Circle Boys – powerful transnational narco-kingpins with ties to corrupt Chinese officials, real estate tycoons, and industrialists – to gain influence over significant portions of Canada’s economy. Many looked the other way while B.C.’s primary industry, real estate, ballooned with dirty cash.

Wilful Blindness is a powerful narrative that follows the investigators who refused to go along with institutionalized negligence and corruption that enabled the Vancouver Model, with Cooper drawing on extensive interviews with the whistle-blowers; thousands of pages of government and court documents obtained through legal applications; and large caches of confidential material available exclusively to Cooper.

The book culminates with a shocking revelation regarding the Chinese Communist Party and goes on to state law enforcement is not equipped to deal with today’s “hybrid warfare” tactics or state sponsored espionage and influence operations.

Cooper postulates that Canada has been compromised by TNOC and malign state actors and are also in need of a reset with our “Five Eyes” allies.

For interviews with the author see below. For the first interview with Roy Green, listen here.

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  • Trade Paperback 6 by 9: 460 Pages 28.95
  • Included 16 page full colour section with charts, graphs and politicians
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OPTIMUM PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL has been publishing award-winning, cutting-edge books since the 1970s, with a backlist of bestsellers from celebrated authors such as Margaret Trudeau and Greg Clark, Margo Oliver, Fred Breummer, William Sears and Don Johnston.(Over 350 titles) Rebooted in 2018 by Dean Baxendale, Optimum continues to publish important and timely books concerning international and national politics, true-crime, and social and political justice, including the explosive 2018 bestseller Takedown: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown and James Buddy Day’s Hippie Cult Leader: The Last Words of Charles Manson, released in August 2019.

Strengthening Democracy, One book at a Time.

Sam Cooper

He joined the national investigations team with Global News in spring 2018, after reporting with the Vancouver Province and Vancouver Sun in B.C. Now I’m based in Ottawa, and I focus on political corruption, organized crime and financial crime, foreign influence, national security and intelligence, and holding powerful figures to account. @scoopercooper

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