Opus Homes

Living Refined

Opus Homes has built its reputation on client satisfaction. It is this philosophy that has set the foundations for the company’s success in such a diverse marketplace. Dedicating to offering unique architectural designs blended with an enhanced client experience, Opus Homes is a reflection of quality and value provided by a friendly homebuilder. Every build by Opus Homes is an expression of distinctive design, enhanced client care, and environmental sustainability.

A family-owned operation of pioneers to the construction industry, this story began more than 35 years ago and today, Opus Homes is the third generation of that legacy. Like many family businesses, a desire to serve has been passed from one generation to the next, and that same reality resonates at Opus Homes.

“Since I was a little girl, my father would bring me to the job sites on the weekends. I was always in the game; I was always in the industry,” Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco, Principal of Opus Homes, told The Canadian Business Journal. “Following university, I worked at Arista Homes, my family’s building company. I had always talked about running my own company. Following the birth of my first child my father and I began talking about opening a home building company of my own.”

Energy and passion pushed DeGasperis-Ronco to continue her family’s legacy, opening the door to Opus Homes. An opus is most commonly referred to as a musical composition or the result of a creative effort; however, DeGasperis-Ronco’s Italian heritage is also evident in the co mpany name.

“We are an Italian family. There is always a nice meal and wine at the table. Some of my life’s most cherished moments was family time spent sitting around the table with a glass of wine talking about our day,” DeGasperis-Ronco detailed. “My father built a phenomenal wine cellar in his home. Once we realized there are no homebuilding companies named after a wine we decided to name it after one of the most refined vintages, Opus.

“Looking further into the meaning everything seemed to fit so perfectly into place. Opus is architecturally defined as a technique used to systematically connect building elements together. But most simply, Opus is the Latin word for ‘work’, and that is what we strive to do. We want to work to do our best to build great homes and great communities for families.”


In 2011, Opus Homes unveiled its first community development, known as River’s Edge in Castlemore. River’s Edge is described as an oasis of 36 homes situated in an existing mature community. As Opus Homes’ most desired development, River’s Edge offers exceptional landscapes and forested views.

Including 40’, 50’, and 65’ detached homes, this development borders several attractions, from shopping, dining, and entertainment, to the renowned Riverstone Golf and Country Club. Easily accessible from the nearby Highways 407 and 427, River’s Edge offers ideal access to the Greater Toronto Area.

Each fully detached Opus home offers appealing exterior features and structural components, such as an 8’ prominent double panel entry door, to an array of distinctive interior features, including intelligent floor designs, a Tuscan-inspired limestone mantel coupled with a direct vent gas fireplace, plus an oak staircase and strip hardwood flooring. Opus Homes highlights its incredible standalone bathtubs in every master ensuite, completing the luxurious feeling.

Three months later Opus launched its second spectacular community, Endeavour in Whitby. Counting 28 homes, this sophisticated development based on a family oriented, double cul-de-sac offers peaceful and harmonic living. Exceptionally spaced 40- and 50-foot lots backing onto a forested ravine include lookout basements or basement walkouts to illustrious landscapes and luscious yards.

The community is also neighboured by a bevy of amenities, from a conservation area to a range of beautiful golf courses and recreational opportunities, to shopping and retail centres, schools and educational facilities, and a host of restaurants and dining selections.

Mount Pleasant, Opus Homes’ third community development, is described as a homebuyer’s or investors dream. Offering townhouses and semi-detached properties, construction begins this summer, with the site already attracting many interested suitors.

Opus Homes’ fourth community development, ValleyLands, is based in Brampton and offers stunning architectural designs in both semi-detached and single lots. Uniting elegance and sophistication, ValleyLands offers refined living in acclaimed brick, stone, and stucco designed homes. Surrounded with nature, ValleyLands is described as an explorer’s dream, closely located to neighbourhood parks and valleys, while offering tremendous views of its scenic surroundings.

ValleyLands is an ideal community for young families and for growing families in need of added space. Neighbouring amenities, from schools to golf courses and a country club, are an extension of the community’s attractiveness. Currently for sale, construction kicks off in the coming months.

“We educate our clients. People spend the most amount of money that they will ever spend on any investment in their homes. We recognize that it is a very emotional time in their lives, so we want to help them through the process,” DeGasperis-Ronco explained. “We are not a big builder, but we definitely want to be a builder that people remember.”


Client satisfaction is at the forefront of Opus Homes’ building philosophy. As a newer player in the industry, Opus Homes separates itself by being the home builder with heart. As one example of that devotion, after each client moves into their home, homebuyers are asked to select a charity of choice to which Opus Homes will make a donation in the family’s name through its Families Helping Families program.

With Opus Homes, clients can expect respectful service and an open, transparent experience. Throughout the process, Opus Homes works with its clients to provide an outstanding finished product. Before the client moves into their new home, Opus Homes engages them in the building process through frequent email updates as to the status of their home, various Decor Studio appointments, a guided frame walk with the Site Manager and then again just prior to their closing date and a crash course in new home construction at Opus Academy.

“Our philosophy is a bit different. We are a sincere builder who tries to eliminate the bad builder stigma,” DeGasperis-Ronco said. “We will do whatever it takes and work as hard as we can to ultimately make the client both educated and happy at the end of the day. We build beautiful houses that stand for what Opus Homes means.

A key initiative of Opus Homes is to continue serving its, niche target market. Opus Homes focuses on providing its marketplace with quality, rather than unsustainable growth. Moving forward, Opus Homes also aims to diversify its offering by entering the custom home market, bringing a new and exciting challenge to the organization.

Opus Homes will branch out across Greater Toronto over the coming years, building luxurious communities in such markets as Aurora, Richmond Hill and Whitby. Opus Homes hopes to grow by building design conscious homes and inclusive communities, while also recognizing the importance of sustainable growth, and being an approachable company to its niche client base.

“We want to grow in terms of learning new and greener ways of building, and implement that into our building practices, all while staying true to who we are,” DeGasperis-Ronco summarized. “We build great homes and keep clients informed and happy.”


Opus Homes recognizes that green building is the way of the future. As such, all of its communities are sustainably designed and with the environment in mind.

Opus Homes builds environmentally friendly communities that are a breath of fresh air. Further enhancing client comfort in its new homes, Opus Homes prides itself on building each home for future generations. Opus Homes provides its clients with energy efficient and environmentally sustainable homes as far reaching as reduced utility usage needs and costs to an overall healthier living environment.

Opus Homes’ three-tier GO-Green system allows clients to incorporate various sustainable elements into their home design. Options available to each housing development include energy-saving design elements, including efficient HVAC systems, foam insulated walls, additional windows to maximize daylight use, EnergyStar lightning and appliances, low flow showers, toilets, and faucets, improved air quality and humidifiers, plus the use of recycled and sustainable building materials, such as recycled drywall and sustainable, engineered hardwood.

“There are not many homebuyers in the marketplace right now who are aware of the items we can be put into a house and build a home that really saves them money and make them live healthier,” DeGasperis-Ronco explained. “Our clients live more efficiently while saving money along the way. Our generation is reaping the benefits of these technological advancements. We are building sustainable housing that is environmentally conscious, where our clients see the benefits through energy savings.”

The Greatest Asset

The team at Opus Homes shares the company vision to provide its clients with an outstanding home buying experience. Opus Homes is passionate about delivering a unique design and experience to its clients. As such, Opus Homes is determined to only hiring those individuals and trade partners who carry this principle to heart. In a diverse industry, Opus Homes separates itself from the rest through its attention to detail and commitment to personal touch.

Opus Homes and its dynamic team bring a new energy and way of thinking to the marketplace that has pushed the company to the industry forefront. Its handpicked team of employees and trade partners is this difference that truly distinguishes Opus Homes. Compassionate and approachable, Opus Homes recognizes that it is not only dealing with the building trade, but also the needs of its clients through the building and buying process.

“We have had to work a little bit harder and I believe that is where we have shone through. We stick to our philosophy which I believe gives us a distinct advantage over all other builders,” DeGasperis-Ronco summarized. “This male dominated industry is driven by an older school of thought. We have had to prove ourselves a great deal in an industry that is overpowered by a lot of great builders, so we have had to work hard to make a name for ourselves. Through the energy our team brings to the table, the respectful relationships we have cultivated between our trade partners and associates, and the friendly and personal interactions we have with our clients, I believe we are doing just that one community at a time.”