Organic Cotton Underwear For Women – Frank And Oak Canada Bra And Bralette Collection Launch

Montreal, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Montreal, Quebec –

MontrĂ©al, QC based Frank And Oak is pleased to bring their community’s attention to the store’s women’s underwear collection. As with many of the store’s products, this collection was curated to include sensible and comfortable yet stylistic pieces that conform with a woman’s skin and support them throughout their day. Frank And Oak intentionally chooses materials and construction techniques that work in favour of these ideals, and they look forward to receiving feedback from their customers once they have a chance to try these products out for themselves. View the full collection here:

When designing this line, Frank And Oak reports that they sought to address a number of issues that women have to deal with when shopping for underwear. Some of these issues, the store says, are problems that are native to the clothing industry as a whole, such as the unsustainable practises used in their construction and so on. However, some problems are far more likely to be experienced by women, specifically. Fortunately, Frank and Oak has developed solutions for both, and they believe the products in their women’s underwear collection are excellent examples of the progress they have made.

Organic Cotton Bra Canada

One of the primary issues with clothing is how cotton is sourced for it. In many cases, cotton production requires excessive use of water and pesticides, and many regions that produce cotton also do so with little care for the workers whose labour enables each harvest. However, organic cotton is markedly superior for the fact that it is a more sustainable solution in nearly every aspect. It is grown both without pesticides and from non-GMO seeds, for instance, and the farming techniques utilised do not involve harmful chemicals. Furthermore, organic cotton production seeks to maintain environmental sustainability by requiring further resources.

As previously announced, customers who would like to try a product made from organic cotton may wish to consider the Cotton Bralette from Frank And Oak. As customer Alessandra F. says in their glowing review, “I love everything about this bralette. I’m a 32D/DD and the shape is so flattering. I probably could have gone up to a M as I do have a fair bit of cleavage in the S, but I like my band to be snug and didn’t want to risk it. The fabric is soft, thick and feels perfectly supportive.” This bralette is offered in no fewer than 10 soft colours and has already proven to be one of the store’s most popular items. In addition to organic cotton, it features a wireless design that customers are sure to appreciate.

However, the store’s commitment to unifying form and function means that the wire had to be replaced. Frank And Oak explains that their team introduced a smooth elastic band for just this purpose, supporting the wearer’s breasts without clashing with the overall barely-there aesthetic of the piece. In addition to being far more comfortable, this has the bonus effect of melding harmoniously and naturally with the wearer’s contours. The store adds that there is also no padding in this bralette. Many will also love its peek-a-book design and the fact that it comes with adjustable straps. It is available in the following sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.

Other items in this collection display a similar attention to detail. For instance, the Plunge Neck Bra also has an elastic band that provides firm yet gentle support. The store’s Hipster Brief, Bikini Panty, Thong and High Waisted Panty (among others) are made from organic cotton as well, and the latter of these has no padding included.

One feature that is unique to the Lace Plunge Bralette, however, is its anti-bacterial fabric. This will help customers who wish to preserve their favourite clothing over a longer period since this fabric can do with a more gentle wash. Frank And Oak recommends that customers check each item’s Material and Care tab for their recommendations. Similarly, The TENCEL™ Modal Bikini Panty is made from TENCEL™ Modal. This is a cellulosic fibre made from sustainable beech trees in a closed loop production.

Customers are encouraged to explore each product’s listing and associated tabs to learn more about their construction and features as well as other reasons why they may be perfect for a new purchase. Further enquiries may be directed to Anne Gael Plante of Frank and Oak. Visit the Frank And Oak website to learn more:


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