Origin Coast Licensed to Supply Superior Craft Cannabis

CAPE BRETON, NS, March 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Origin Coast Inc., a grower of premium craft cannabis, today announced its entry into Canada’s recreational and medical markets. The receipt of Health Canada’s micro-cultivation, micro-processing and sale for medical purposes licenses empowers the company to supply both industries with its superior small batch flower. Origin Coast represents the passion, skills and expertise of Nova Scotia’s cannabis community, harnessing decades of legacy experience to produce a premium craft product. As a micro-cultivator, Origin Coast can dedicate more time, care and attention to individual plants, to achieve a calibre of flower difficult to replicate at scale.  By focussing on a small number of unique cultivars at a time, Origin Coast can concentrate on maximizing cannabinoid and terpene profiles. With strict product efficacy parameters and through the company’s rigorous pheno-hunting efforts, the cultivator has been able to compile an enviable selection of unique genetics. Origin Coast’s CEO Michael Fong says, “We created Origin Coast through our love for the plant and to bring outstanding craft cannabis to connoisseurs nationwide. With a commitment to cultivate only the best cannabis flower, underpinned by strong core values of community integration and innovation, Origin coast is equipped to fill an underserved gap in the market.”With its team of passionate experienced growers and a new purpose-built world-class facility, Origin Coast can furnish licensed producers with highly sought-after craft cannabis from the East Coast.For media and partner inquiries, contact Russell Cafferty, Media Relations Specialist at [email protected] or (437) 775-0785.About Origin Coast Inc.Located on the East Coast of Canada in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Origin Coast Inc. is a craft producer committed to growing small batch superior cannabis. For more information and commercial opportunities, please visit: https://www.origincoast.com.Russell Cafferty
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