Orkin canada

“When you have a pest problem – insects, rodents, in your home or business, it is very upsetting, and you just want it taken care of immediately. So you want to call somebody who knows what they are doing, who is trained professionally, and who will look after the problem. It starts with a phone call.”— Jean Fader, Vice-President

Pests are a fact of life, and while they are widespread and ever-present in our lives, once a pest problem occurs we want them out. Whether it be seasonal pests such as ants, earwigs and wasps, or the ongoing defence against rodents or cockroaches that requires constant oversight. Orkin Canada provides comprehensive programs that alleviate the constant pressure and keep pests away.

Orkin Canada is Canada’s largest pest control provider and a leader in the development of fast, effective and environmentally responsible pest control methods and solutions. Orkin U.S. entered the Canadian market in 1999 by acquiring well established PCO Services that had served Canadians for over 50 years.  Following the purchase senior Canadian managers were left in place and are in charge of the day to day operation of Orkin Canada. Today, Orkin Canada is the company that sets the standards for pest management. The company offers customized programs and responds to some 50,000 customer calls month in and month out, be it residential and commercial clients.

“Our goal is to maintain pest-free environment for our customers. We have nearly tripled our business since Orkin took over PCO in 1999, so our growth has been very good. We currently we have 700 employees, with 36 branch offices in all major cities, and technicians in Northern Territories, Labrador … basically spread right across Canada,” says Fader.

There is a place for insects in the world, but not for pests in our homes or public and commercial spaces. With advancing global urbanization and the world living a more transient lifestyle, pests have more opportunities to transfer and migrate. Bed bugs have become the poster child of this global surge in transient pests. “This is absolutely true. These insects are able to travel on luggage, we see surges of these pests especially in the hospitality industry and public spaces. We actually call them ‘hitchhikers’ as they are able to attach to clothing or luggage. The bed bug would be the most transient pest, and other pests mostly stay in their areas.” explained Fader.

The Orkin ManTM can provide a case-based service, which mainly applies to seasonal and incidental pest invasions, but both residential and commercial clients benefit from Orkin’s programs that provide monitoring and maintenance throughout the year, servicing clients on a monthly or weekly basis.

Orkin created its Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to provide thorough protection that combines all available methods of preventing pests from entering or thriving in a given environment. The program’s goal is to minimize the use of pesticides, using them as a part of the program but only when necessary to achieve acceptable levels of control, but always mitigating the potential of harming humans, non-target organisms and the environment.

Orkin Canada’s seven-stage program consists of inspection, facility layout analysis, pest identification, program customization, sanitation consultation, treatment strategies, ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Orkin’s IPM methods may be biological, such as employing natural predators or parasites, mechanical, using traps or other exclusion techniques, or even cultural, such as focusing on sanitation issues to prevent pest-conducive conditions.

“Our proprietary program was created to provide a more holistic approach to pest control. The impact on the homeowner is very low because most of our work is done through communication with the customers about how to prevent the pest from entering the area in the first place. If an application is required, it is done carefully and only in the areas of the problem, targeting the pest directly. This is what “Integrated Pest Management” really means.

“Our residential program gives homeowners peace of mind. If the customers have any kind of pest issues during the contract we will take care of the problem. These are often the ad hoc issues, such as let’s say a hornet nest. Obviously, on the commercial side the clients benefit more from the ongoing maintenance,” says Fader.

The company also understands that the basis of good business lies in having the right people doing a job they can be proud of. Orkin Canada provides its employees with continuous training in terms of pest control practices and also the services offered by the company. The continuous investment in its people also warrants high employee retention.

“I am very proud of our employees. We make sure we hire the right people, and our training is one of our strongest features. It presents our employees as the experts they are, and clients respond to that. We want our people to stay with us and be happy with their career. This year we have banquet for employees who have been with us for 40, 30, 25, and 20 years. I don’t think you see that a lot these days. I myself have been with the company for 32 years,” says Fader.

The company has crossed its t’s and dotted the i’s when it comes to responsible pest control, and as the largest pest control company in Canada, Fader expects this business to continue to grow. The growth will most likely be in the residential sector. “In the U.S. the Orkin brand is well known to homeowners, and the business in the U.S. is just the opposite of Canada, with 80 per cent residential and 20 per cent commercial clients. Canada is approximately 80 per cent commercial and 20 per cent residential. By sharing all of our resources, training and knowledge we provide the best in the residential and commercial pest management sectors. We have a lot to offer to the marketplace and will continue offering exceptional services to all Canadians.” says Fader.