Outlaw Collision

Pushing the Boundaries

Combining more than 40 years of experience in the Canadian oil and gas industry, and a desire to start a family-run business, Outlaw Collision entered the automotive collision repair market in 2010.

Based in Medicine Hat, Alta., Outlaw Collision began just two years ago with a mission to “push the boundaries” in a modernization of the collision repair industry. Outlaw Collision has utilized technology and innovation to enter the market with a splash.

Outlaw Collision has combined a passion for cars with a love of people. Stacey Pearce, General Manager of Outlaw Collision, spoke with The Canadian Business Journal about what has made Outlaw Collision successful in its short history.

“We have done a good job advertising, marketing, and getting our name out there,” Pearce attributed to the company’s ability to enter the market. “We have continued to grow and to meet the targets and goals of our business plan. We have done really well so far.”

Outlaw Collision continues to reach new thresholds in its second year in business, with sales in the past six months equaling its initial fiscal year. Pearce summarized, “We have doubled and we are continuing to grow and get busier the more we develop our insurance relationships and the more we invest in the community in what we have to offer.”

Body Shop Management

The Medicine Hat community is home to several smaller collision repair shops, and Outlaw Collision’s entrance into the industry as a brand new facility hopes to change the market landscape.

The goal at Outlaw Collision is to foster an enjoyable customer experience that leads to repeat business. Gaining a foothold in the local marketplace, Outlaw Collision has used its short history to its advantage, and fortunately did not face many challenges as a newer company entering the market. Many technicians at Outlaw Collision have been born and raised in the area, using these close ties to develop strong community connections and, ultimately, a better bottom line for business.

Technological Advantage

While Outlaw Collision has made a push into the local marketplace, it also emphasizes the ‘e-marketplace’, digital connectivity with customers that improves efficiency and productivity. Outlaw Collision’s technological offering distinguishes it from others in the collision repair industry.

Outlaw Collision is unique in that it connects digitally with its customers, as the company strives to achieve a lean, paperless environment. Accordingly, customers are contacted via email and text message to receive and digitally authorize automotive repair orders. Outlaw Collision also emphasizes following up with customers – the job is not complete once out the door, but rather once the customer is reached to track customer satisfaction, then using this feedback to improve its service.

Outlaw Collision services include collision repair and custom coatings, in-house frame repair and mobile sandblasting, windshield replacement, and stone chip repair and protection. Outlaw Collision acknowledges that accidents happen, and that its service is there to repair and restore vehicles to the best of pre-accident conditions. The company is also part of Acoat Selected, the business development program of Akzo Nobel that offers the opportunity to rate company performance against the industry, using this information to further refine its services.

Outlaw Collision is also part of the Collision Solutions Network (CSN), a national association that provides collision repair companies with an industry partners network, as well as key benefits such as its national lifetime warranty program. CSN also offers best-in-class training as well as business improvement performance measurement standards.

The future remains bright for Outlaw Collision. According to Pearce, the sky is the limit for this emerging collision repair company. “We are looking at expanding and possibly doing a new building for our coating side. Medicine Hat is a huge oil and gas town so there is huge demand for getting into the industrial painting of large equipment.”