Papason Trucking

Goes the extra mile

Prince George, B.C. is home to Papason Trucking, the transportation company that specializes in refrigerated delivery service. Serving the province of British Columbia, Papason Trucking began as a small company and to this day understands the benefits of being a smaller organization and uses this to its advantage to be the best in business.

Smaller companies are able to focus on customer service, a hallmark of Papason Trucking. Beginning in 1978, Papason Trucking has been in business for 30-plus years and a big reason for that is because the company has excelled in keeping its customers pleased and satisfied.

Initiated by the father and son team of Bill and Howard Arp, the two are still much involved with the company today. Papason Trucking began hauling freight in 1984 for two organizations, Circle T Lines and then Clark Reefer. As time went on, Papason Trucking began to expand its distribution areas, making three trips a week to the northern district of Mackenzie, British Columbia. Following, the company expanded its ties within the British Columbia market, associating with Kelly Douglas & Co. and Sunspun Foods, hauling these products to nearby Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, and Fort St. John, among other areas. Over the years, the company continued to grow, then working with Edmonton-based companies moving product into Prince George. Vancouver-based Neptune Foods and Gordon Food Service are also served by the Papason Trucking team.

Papason delivers a variety of refrigerated products within Prince George and the surrounding areas.

“Papason has been doing business in British Columbia for over 30 years and all I can say is that we couldn’t have done it without our people,” Howard Arp, Owner, Papason Trucking, tells The Canadian Business Journal. “We take pride in the service our employees provide for our customers, always going that extra mile.”

The importance of customer service

A focus on customer service has allowed Papason Trucking to buckle down during the recession, focusing on the key areas that have made the company the success it has been for the past 33 years. This positive approach that is evident throughout the company allows Papason Trucking to scathe most of the effects of the economic downturn. This approach to business also plays a role in serving as the competitive edge of Papason Trucking, in being a small company that is able to give its customers the right attention with the best of service. Papason Trucking has worked to continue offering its customers the best available quality, ensuring that every aspect of a Papason Trucking delivery is handled with personal care and attention to detail, for the smooth shipment of an order.

The company is consistently adapting methods to further improve its services, adding modern fleets of trucks to best serve each customer’s unique need. New equipment also allows Papason Trucking to conserve fuel, while also reducing its greenhouse gas and carbon footprint through producing cleaner air emissions.

Papason Trucking works with environmental sustainability in mind. As an example, truck trailers offer climate control to move the right product at the right temperature. Specializing in refrigerated delivery service, delivers leave daily from Prince George to the northern part of the province. Papason Trucking knows that, throughout its history, it has satisfied its customers who can be sure their job has been done right.

“We work closely with our clients to customize deliveries to make sure your product arrives at its destination exactly how and when it needs to,” reads the Papason Trucking website. “Whether its food or tree seedlings, Papason delivers.”

The family business

A family-owned business that is proud to represent Northern British Columbia, Papason Trucking serves as a product distributor for the region. Its own warehouse equipped with freezer and cooler units, Papason Trucking safely protects products until delivery.

With strong ties throughout Northern British Columbia over the past 30-plus years, Papason Trucking has built a strong customer base that expects and receives excellent customer service. Reads the Papason Trucking website, “With a core of dedicated and skilled employees, Papason Trucking offers its clients the finest in trucking services with a reputation to back it up. Our modern fleet of trucks used are more than capable of fulfilling your needs.”

“We thank all of our partners in the industry because without them we wouldn’t have been able to grow as successfully as we have,” Arp summarized. “We consider ourselves truly blessed.”