Paramount Fine Foods

Embracing the Fresh and Healthy Flavours of the Middle East through a Unique Dining Experience

Paramount Fine Foods (Paramount) offers quality halal food, at an affordable price. All of the ingredients are fresh with the most authentic Middle Eastern flavors. Since they were last featured in CBJ, Paramount has expanded to over 30 locations that span across the Greater Toronto Area, Edmonton and Florida. And business is thriving with more locations set to open in British Columbia, Quebec and other parts of the USA.

Mohamad Fakih, President and CEO of Paramount Fine Foods have been applying his savvy business skills since the inception of Paramount in 2007. The chain of Middle Eastern restaurants offer an experience that is unique, with an authentic cuisine and an environment that is “feels like home”.

“I’ve focused on building great relationships with existing suppliers while working to revamp the Middle Eastern restaurant industry image,” says Fakih. “My vision is to create the number one Middle Eastern halal restaurant chain in Canada.” It seems to be catching on in North America, quickly becoming recognized as an exclusive brand of Middle Eastern cuisine, with a unique concept that provides customers with a one of a kind experience.

Fakih has built an exclusive brand of Middle Eastern cuisine, with a unique concept that provides customers with a one of a kind experience. “People are becoming more and more drawn to unique concepts and experiences,” says Fakih. “They want a restaurant that offers them an experience that goes beyond just food. The food industry is quickly moving to a shift in focus from a luxury, formal dining experience to an authentic, unique and simple dining experience.”

Paramount Fine Foods is partners with local farms and slaughter houses. This ‘farm to table’ concept allows customers to feel assured that they are getting the freshest Halal meats. Their fresh and healthy Halal menu items are generously served with passion by friendly staff. They offer patrons a meal in an elegantly designed environment.

Paramount has conveniently located outlets and provides a consistency that’s reflected through every aspect of their brand at every location. “We acquire customers through the experience we offer and also through traditional and non-traditional marketing that strategically targets everyone,” says Fakih. “We place emphasis on our mainstream customers who are looking for an authentic experience that is unique yet familiar, healthy and affordable.”

Last year when the Canadian Federal government announced its welcome of over 25,000 Syrians refugees, Paramount Fine Foods and Fakih made an ambitious promise to help settle new Syrian Canadians. The company had promised to hire 100 Syrian refugees within their establishments. “We are now at the six-month mark and have successfully provided over 70 jobs to new Syrian Canadians,” Fakih proudly says. “I’m confident that we will surpass our goal of 100 in the following six months.”

In addition to the initiative with Syrian refugees, Paramount Fine Foods is continuing its national expansion at a rapid pace. New locations include further expansion into the GTA with Toronto’s Front St, Yorkdale Mall, and Liberty Village to name a few. The plans and goals for 2017 is to continue to build a strong brand on a national level, and gain a larger market share. On an international level, Paramount plans to expand into more countries and continue to build the brand on a global scale.

Fakih’s extremely high standards for Paramount ensure superb customer service, outstanding hospitality standards and the freshest Middle Eastern cuisine in the industry. The executive team is diligent in educating all of their staff on each aspect of the company and service philosophies. Their strategy has always been that the customer is the boss. “Paramount Fine Food’s success is attributed to my team,” says Fakih. “They are skilled and dedicated individuals who treat the business as their own. The Paramount team has built its structure on the same values, and regardless of growth, those values are vital to our ongoing success.” From the executive team to the restaurant serving staff, their values are the same and it’s those values that ensure Paramount delivers service and commitment to their brand and to their customers.

“I want to thank my community for supporting Paramount Fine Foods growth and believing in the brand,” says Fakih. “And I would like to thank my dedicated team for helping make this growth happen and for continuing to believe in our vision.”