Paramount Fine Foods and its Commitment to Hiring Syrian Refugees

CBJ — Last year the Canadian Federal government announced its welcome of over 25, 000 Syrians refugees. Upon their arrival, Paramount Fine Foods President and CEO, Mohamad Fakih made an ambitious promise to help settle new Syrian Canadians. We’re at the half waypoint, and the numbers are in.

Paramount partnered with Magnet and Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge (RULSC) to help connect newly arrived Syrian Canadians to their appropriate jobs. The partnership with the organizations, included Paramount Fine Foods funding employment support counsellor to work at the RULSC; Their job includes searching for job opportunities for new Syrian Canadians. Through this initiative, Paramount offers a lifelong gift to improve the lives of Syrian refugees.

In addition to the partnership initiative, CEO Mohamad Fakih, announced that he felt it necessary to take further action and publicly made the promise to hire a minimum of 100 newly arrived Syrian Canadians within his Paramount Fine Foods establishments. Notably, within the pass six months, Paramount has relentlessly employed approx. 73 new Syrian Canadians throughout its Canadian locations.

Finding a job, after finding a home, is a priority.” says Mohamad Fakih, Paramount Fine Foods President and CEO. “I am proud of how far we’ve come, and I have no doubt we will exceed our goal. There is a lot that needs to be done here and I will continue to encourage other fellow entrepreneurs to get involved.”

It is an initiative Paramount Fine Foods and Fakih is proud of, and hope to help more new Syrian Canadian think about their settlement and integration. As Fakih immigrated to Canada from Lebanon 16 years ago in search of a better life and opportunity; Fakih has a lot of compassion towards their transition. Furthermore, Fakih hopes to lead as an example for others to support different humanitarian causes and pay it forward within their communities. Fakih continues to pay it forward and recently took part in a Ramadan fundraiser for SickKids Foundation, and was able to help raise $10,000 during the month of June this year.

“I feel like I owe Canada a lot,” says Mohamad Fakih, “you’re never big enough in business to forget about the community.”

About Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount Fine Foods is North Americas fastest growing halal Middle Eastern restaurant chain that provides healthy and fresh ingredients. HMA Certified, the company sources only the freshest products for its authentic recipes. Paramount employs over 1500 staff members within, 36 locations in Ontario, a gourmet butcher shop, a food factory, and the new Fresh East franchise. For additional information and restaurant locations, visit

About Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge (RULSC)

Ryerson University has a mission to serve societal needs and a long-standing commitment to engaging its community. In 2015, RULSC was formed in response to the world’s biggest humanitarian issue of the last century, the Syrian refugee crisis. RULSC was formed to raise funds, attract private sponsors and match them with Syrian refugees as well as to support the private sponsors in the resettlement of the new Syrian Canadian. As of March 2016, Toronto’s network of universities (Ryerson, University of Toronto, OCAD University and York University) has raised more than $3.5 million and has surpassed its sponsorship team goal of 75 teams, with a total of 83 teams to resettle more than 300 Syrian refugees. Already, 14 Syrian families, consisting of 90 people, have arrived and are settling with the support of the local community. Find out more at

About Magnet

Magnet is a not-for-profit social initiative co-founded by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Ryerson University in September 2014. Magnet is a new network powered by data-rich, job-matching technology that connects job seekers with employers based upon skills, preferences and talent needs. The network is also a unique source of real-time labour market information for decision makers and community planners. Magnet’s goal is to address unemployment and under-employment specifically as it relates to youth, new immigrants, Aboriginal peoples, person with disabilities and other individuals facing barriers to employment. Find out more

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