Parent Previews Sold to Calgary Corporation

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Family movie review website remains in Canada. Adds focus on literacy.

CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Effective immediately, One Voice Communications Ltd has sold to Calgary-based Parent Previews Inc., a transaction which keeps the family-oriented movie review website in Canadian hands. The website will continue to offer its longstanding services: movie grades and reviews, discussion questions, and alternate viewing recommendations. The website is now linking book recommendations to movie reviews and is covering a broader range of films, including some with Restricted ratings.

Kirsten Hawkes, owner of Parent Previews Inc., is committed to maintaining the quality services has provided to parents and educators for two decades. Hawkes also recognizes that the world of ubiquitous digital entertainment poses new challenges for adults as they help children balance on-screen activities with other important activities.  “It can be a real challenge,” Hawkes asserts, “to pull kids away from their screens and get them focused on books.  We don’t believe that we’re in a fight between media or books.  We think that there can be a positive relationship between the two – that movies can lead kids to some great books and vice versa.  Going forward, our movie reviews will also provide book recommendations.  If a child or teen is fascinated by a film, parents or teachers will be able to capitalize on that interest by directing them towards books that share similar styles or themes. We are excited to provide this unique service to anyone concerned about kids, media use, and literacy.”

Recognizing that adults also want content information on child-free movie watching, Parent Previews has expanded coverage to include more films which have a Restricted rating in the United States while having a 14A rating in Canadian provinces. “Our readers have informed us that they appreciate having content information on films they want to watch,” Hawkes says. “Even though they might not plan to watch a movie with their kids, they still prefer to avoid movies with high levels of violence, explicit sexual content, or profanity. We are pleased to provide them with useful information as they make their own media choices.”

CONTACT: Questions can be addressed to Kirsten Hawkes at or at 403-617-5256.