Past Issues

June 20

Long-term care homes have been the main topic in the news after a number of locations were so badly hit with sickness and death across the country, and particularly in Ontario and Quebec. A [...]

May 20

Stephen Poloz couldn’t have picked a better time for his term as Bank of Canada governor to expire. With Canada heading towards a deficit that could reach $200 billion, incoming governor Tiff [...]

April 20

March came in like a lamb and went out like Godzilla. With COVID-19 and we’re still right in the middle of a pandemic the world has never known, at least not in our lifetime. You would have to go [...]

March 20

COVID-19 – or Coronavirus – is without a doubt an extremely serious medical concern on a global scale. I would never want to undercut the magnitude and scope of its impact. However, it seems as [...]

February 20

Print journalism has been under siege with more and more news outlets now providing the vast majority of content online. Now, one of print’s most ardent supporters is apparently throwing in the [...]

January 20

Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz says the global economy appears poised to continue with slow growth into 2020. He says the increased use of artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial [...]

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