Patient Choice Announces New Partnerships with Medical Licensed Producers – Dykstra Greenhouses, Lupos Biotechnology, and Parkland Flower.

Toronto, March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Patient Choice is a one-stop-shop that gives registered medical cannabis patients across Canada flexible and convenient freedom to purchase their medicine from a range of different providers. Their goal is to provide convenient access to a broad variety of high-quality and fairly priced medical cannabis. They have partnered with robust and trusted producers of high-quality medical cannabis.“Partnering with trusted licensed producers increases our continuing effort to offer our patients superior medical cannabis products,” says Andrew Richard, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer of Patient Choice.“ Partnering with Patient Choice allows us to focus on growing superior products instead of worrying about administration – it is a dream partnership where everyone benefits,” says Larry Dykstra, Dykstra Greenhouses.Patient Choice has partnered with Dykstra Greenhouses, Lupos Biotechnology, and Parkland Flower, federally Licensed Producers and Processors, to  bring top-quality medical cannabis products to Patient Choice consumers.  Dykstra Greenhouses is a 30-year-old family-run business that became federally licensed to produce cannabis in 2019. With years in the horticulture and landscaping sector, this brings experience in professional plant growth, cultivation, and care that lends itself well to the cannabis industry. Their motto states: “We strive to offer you a superior product. We grow our cannabis with the same quality and care as if it were going to our own families, that way you feel comfortable giving it to yours”.  Lupos (Canada) Biotechnology Inc. has been licensed by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act since October 2018 as a Standard Processor and is solely focused on the production of oils and industry-leading topical products for a variety of clients and under select brands including Proofly topical products.Parkland Flower Parkland Flower is a Licensed Producer of Cannabis in Canada – ninth in Alberta. They have over 60 combined years of growing experience coupled with excellent cultivars – including the rare, limited edition FPOG (formerly known as Fruity Pebbles). They are currently bringing other world-class genetics to the legal market in Canada – including some really old-school cultivars from award-winning breeders.“Our goal is to have easy access of our clones and seeds to patients, and with Patient Choice, we can accomplish this goal,” adds Kieley Beaudry, Parkland Flower.Patient Choice operates on a non-possession model, which means they don’t hold inventory. Products are delivered fresh and direct from producers to patients. That approach allows patients to have access to a wide range of quality products, not just products from one licensed producer or those that sell a lot of volume. “This is a great opportunity for us to join a trusted medical platform to offer Proofly topical products to Canadian patients through Patient Choice,” adds John King, CEO, Lupos Biotech.Patient Choice continues to diversify their offering with a robust and trusted selection of producers of high-quality medical cannabis. With a trustworthy, licensed, and compliant medical platform, producers can highlight & sell their products to a large and ever-increasing group of Canadian patients; patients who use the Patient Choice platform because they trust to be connected to high-quality medical cannabis.
For more information visit Patient Choice website. ABOUT Patient Choice:Patient Choice is here to redefine the way patients receive and access medical cannabis.Our goal is to provide you with convenient access to a broad variety of high-quality and fairly priced medical cannabis products to support your health and wellness goals. Patient Choice is brought to you by Empress Agri Sales Inc, a Health Canada Medical Sales License holder under the Cannabis Act. We’re passionate about leading the charge to create a fair and equitable new ecosystem that protects patients and supports craft producers.MEDIA INQUIRIES:Amanda Lockington, Account Executive at [email protected] or 1-877-681-5541.Contact Lupos (Canada) Biotechnology Inc. 1 (855) 554-1217 [email protected]Contact Dykstra Greenhouses 905-932-2812 [email protected]Contact Parkland Flower 780.266.9996Amanda Lockington
Patient Choice
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