Pattison Media Ltd. Introduces Dynamic Ad Insertion – DAI – Enhancing Value to Advertisers

Pattison Media Ltd

KAMLOOPS, British Columbia, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pattison Media, is excited to announce the Western Canadian rollout of Dynamic Ad Insertion capability through the Audio Velocity platform of National Sales Partner, Canadian Broadcast Sales. All 48 PML radio stations will have this functionality fully deployed by the end of this week.

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is a value-added feature for advertisers in real-time, on live and on-demand audio streams. On enabled devices, DAI allows for each message to be uniquely targeted to each listener. DAI delivers the right message to the right consumer at the right time. Pattison Media is now able to better serve ads to a desired target based on behavioural metrics, offer the ability to optimize ads based on performance, and scale ads from local to regional to national quickly. Advertisers will receive an enhanced product in an easily trackable and measurable format.

Traditional radio has proven itself time and again that it is a trusted medium for brand safe content. It is effective in its ability to reach a wide audience and generate deep brand awareness across Canada all the while being an effective call-to-action by leaving a high impact on a listeners’ memory. The opportunity DAI presents for radio is targeting, measuring and scale-ability of ad campaigns. This is where Pattison Media’s DAI shines, combining the reach, value and impact of traditional radio with the targetability, scalability and analytics of digital.

Digital audio listeners are highly engaged as they have specifically chosen and opted-in to stream. Bringing an advertiser’s message to this hyper-focused and engaged audience breaks through the consumer’s filter and they are hearing what advertisers have to say.

Pattison Media President, Rod Schween states, “As the demand for digital advertising in an audio format rapidly grows, this exciting new feature allows Pattison Media the ability to bring our advertisers the ad-supported audio platform they need to reach that hyper-focused listener. Our adoption of this technology reflects our commitment to develop Pattison Media, into a leading multi-platform media company.”

About Pattison Media Ltd.

Headquartered in Kamloops, B.C., Pattison Media, is the country’s largest, private, western-based media company. Spanning British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, their operations currently encompass 45 FM and 3 AM radio stations, 3 television stations and 17 online news portals in 28 different markets. Pattison Media is a proud division of the Jim Pattison Group, a diversified group of operating businesses, based in Vancouver, which has grown to become the second largest privately held company in Canada. Please visit or for more information.

For more information please contact:

Gerry MacKrell
Canadian Broadcast Sales
Tel: 416.768.5115
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Mike Jean
Director of Sales, Metro Markets
Pattison Media
Tel: 250.475.0100
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