Peikko Group


Peikko Group leads the way in manufacturing and engineering of structural construction products. While Peikko started in Finland in 1960’s, the company expanded into the North American market by launching its headquarters in Quebec City in 2007. Today the Quebec City headquarters employs 25 engineering professionals and a staff that serves the whole North America.

Precast Concrete Solutions

While Peikko Group as a global company focuses on development of innovative products for the wind power industry, infrastructures and superstructures, in North America Peikko Group has been focused on marketing mainly its superstructure products for projects using precast concrete. Precast concrete allows the builders to simply ‘assemble’ the precast concrete slabs horizontally and vertically using beams and reinforcement bars. The use of precast, prestressed concrete for construction entered the construction industry in the 1950’s, and represented a major evolution in the construction industry. Today, precast concrete represents a major construction technique in the construction industry due to its reputation for quality and cost effectiveness that continue to attract new clients. Peikko superstructure products offer innovative designs, and these pre-engineered products are based on flexibility, reliability and sustainability principles for cast-in-place structures, precast structures and steel structures.


In the North American market, the company has focused on marketing its flagship structural product — Deltabeam. Peikko’s Deltabeam has gained traction in the North American construction industry since its introduction to the market. Deltabeam combines the strengths of concrete and steel, and provides superior composite slim-floor system for multi-storey buildings. Deltabeam allows flexible layouts through the whole life cycle of the building, easy HVAC installations, and excellent fire resistance.

Mark Johanson, Marketing Director at Peikko Canada Inc., told The Canadian Business Journal, “Our Deltabeam product works with the precast, hollow core, flat-cast concrete slabs, and provides the results of the cast-in-place structures, but allows for increasing the building speed twofold. Our beams connect to either concrete or steel columns using Deltabeam connections, that allow for weld- and bolt-free connection, basically being just dropped onto the connections. This speeds up the installation and makes it safer and easier to install. Besides no welding on the connection, our product doesn’t require welding of the reinforcing bars [the ‘rebars’ are a steel bars that run through the precast concrete and attach it to the beam] which saves additional time and welding cost.”
One of the main advantages Deltabeam provides is the fact that the top of the Deltabeam usually integrates seamlessly with the precast concrete floor. Peikko website reads, “With a Deltabeam slim-floor composite beam construction, the depth can be minimized. Deltabeams are integrated into the floor and are usually only as deep as the slabs are. Only the bottom flange of the Deltabeam is exposed and visible from the underside. The depth of the whole structure can be reduced, which means savings in construction time and costs as well as on heating and cooling costs. This solution allows flexibility for layout changes throughout the service life of the building and also easy piping installations.”


Peikko recently finalized several projects across Canada. “Some of the projects we value the most include our work with a builder, which included a 26-storey condominium in Guelph. Because our client realized the upside of our product; and we worked with this client on other two projects so far — two parking garages; we expect to start yet another 10-storey project with this client as well. Having this form of repeat business with a client is considerable in the construction industry, and it shows that Deltabeam is a great construction product.”

Compared to traditional flange beams, the Deltabeam also provides energy efficiency to the buildings. The flange beams create empty space inside the building’s floors, and this space becomes heated and cooled throughout the seasons along with the rest of the building’s space. The Deltabeam does not create this space, not wasting heating and cooling energy, and according to a study conducted by Peikko group in Europe, Deltabeam can reduce a building’s carben dioxide emissions by up to five per cent over the lifespan of a building.

Since Peikko introduced its Deltabeam to the market over two decades ago, more than 10,000 buildings have been built using Deltabeams around the world, with the option for builders to enjoy architectural freedom with custom-designed Deltabeams to suit any project. “For example, client used Deltabeams to create a gate, by placing Deltabeams on top of two precast walls, clearing an opening of about 25 feet.”

While the engineering, modeling, sales, marketing and logistics are executed from the company’s Quebec City headquarters, the current manufacturing is done in Philadelphia, due to the fact that company created a strong foothold in the construction industry in this area. However, as the company products become more attractive, Peikko intends to open a production facility in Canada in the future, as the demand for Deltabeam and Peikko structural products continues to rise across the continent.