Penco Drywall

Expect perfection

Last year, when Penco Drywall spoke with The Canadian Business Journal, the company discussed its goal of entering the lucrative high rise market. One year later, Penco Drywall has accomplished that goal.

Entering the high rise market

Now part of the high rise industry, Penco Drywall entered the market knowing that the industry and construction in general is moving toward high rises. As Brad Pierce, part of the Penco Drywall team, put it, moving forward, more and more high rise buildings, offices, and condominiums are being built compared to low rise construction. It serves as an excellent stepping stone for Penco Drywall in its penetration of the high rise market. The industry moving toward the high rise market is something that has proven to be both beneficial and an exciting challenge for Penco Drywall. “The high rise market is very competitive and sometimes it can be difficult to pick up high rise [projects] as there are a lot of companies going after these jobs,” Pierce said. “It can be good, and it just depends on making the right decisions.”

The company entered the high rise market after perfecting its craft in the residential and commercial sectors. Entering the high rise market was a new and exciting venture for Penco Drywall, a move that has resulted in a more involved, more enthusiastic staff.

“High rise is totally different than doing a house, so the biggest challenge was finding enough quality workers to be able to do the jobs,” Pierce explained. “It has been a little different because you’re pushed to finish the job quickly, and it is a different atmosphere from what our job site managers are used to. Managing the job is the biggest challenge.”

The Penco Promise is simple: Expect perfection. With its own trade professionals, Penco Drywall promotes a positive work environment built on fairness for its workers. Penco Drywall staff is treated fairly and with respect, and in turn, this staff provides excellence in its work, offering a product quality that is strives to exceed expectations. The message of high quality is evident across all levels of the business, from its management, to its staff, to its project efforts, to its finished product.

“We take pride in maintaining our quality as well and a lot of that stems from having a work force that we can trust and that is very loyal to us because we treat them with respect, the way they should be treated,” Pierce summarized.

Buckling down during the recession

With the industry slowing and still feeling the effects of the recession, Penco Drywall focused on maintaining its quality and by working that much harder to ensure that the company stays consistent.

Like any industry, and any business, Penco Drywall felt the business slowdown during the economic downturn. Rolling up its sleeves, Penco Drywall worked to retain its volume levels during the recession, while the company endeavored to retain its work volume levels. Penco Drywall has worked with new customers as well to maintain its volume level and keep its staff busy with a variety of projects.

And as is the case with any industry, when demand falls and supply does not, margins become tighter, and the focus turns to further upping the company’s customer service performance. In treating its own staff well, that message is then translated from Penco Drywall staff through to the customer.

“We probably are one of the fairest companies with our workers. What it does is a lot of companies will maybe not treat their workforce as well as they should, and that hinders a company’s quality in the end,” Pierce said. “Our staff gives us a bit of an edge, we take great pride in that, and a lot of other companies can’t really say that.”

Accordingly, the Penco Drywall staff is loyal, and many workers have been with the company since its founding in 1996. This year, the family-run Penco Drywall is excited to celebrate its 15 years in business.

Now, the company has turned its focus to fine tuning its service delivery in the high rise market, as well as growing its base in the high rise industry, both achievable goals. Penco Drywall also focuses on growing through its high rise business as well as from its repeat business base. With such objectives, the future remains bright for Penco Drywall.