Phivida Appoints Clinical Advisory Team

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Phivida Holdings Inc. (CSE:VIDA)(CSE:VIDA.CN)(CNSX:VIDA) has appointed a Clinical Advisory Team comprised of leading health care practitioners and researchers from the United States and Canada. The Phivida clinical advisory team convened at the A4M Congress in Las Vegas, where Phivida launched Vida+ – its professional line of clinical grade products.

The Phivida Clinical Advisory Team are:

Dr. Sunil Pai, MD

Dr. Pai is an internationally recognized an expert in Integrative Medicine, a health activist/influencer and thought leader in the wellness industry. He is one of first formally Fellowship trained Integrative Medicine MD’s in the U.S. and has been trained in Family Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Neuro & Medical Acupuncture, Homotoxicology, Physiological Regulating Medicine and Plant Based Nutrition. He specializes in formulation of natural products from raw materials to manufacturing and following them through to clinical studies. Author of Inflammation Nation – chosen by Kirkus Reviews to be listed in the Best of 2016 Indie Books. His most recent lectures at medical conferences include The Role of Plant Based Diets and Natural Anti-Inflammatories for Preventing, Treating and Reversing Chronic Diseases and Cancer; Cannabinoid Medicine From Industrial Hemp Oil: Another Practical and Legal Cannabidiol (CBD) Alternative; and Inflammation and its effects on vascular pathology and chronic disease: PEMF application in Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Joost Luecker, PhD

Dr. Luecker has a PhD in plant science and an MSc in plant breeding and crop protection. He has over 17 years of research experience in biochemistry, botany, secondary metabolism in plants, molecular biology, and plant breeding at a variety of international universities, and has published multiple peer reviewed research papers in international plant and biochemistry journals. He also has experience as a Quality Assurance consultant in governmentally regulated industries.

Dr. Chris D. Meletis, ND

Dr. Meletis is an educator, international author and lecturer who has authored 16 books and over 200 national scientific articles in such journals and magazines as Natural Health, Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Life Extension and Natural Pharmacy. Dr. Meletis is a former Dean of Naturopathic Medicine and was Chief Medical Officer for seven years. He was named the 2003 physician of the year by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He has a deep passion for helping the underprivileged and spearheaded the creation of 16 free natural medicine healthcare clinics in the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon. He serves on several scientific advisory boards for the nutraceutical industry educating healthcare professionals internationally on the latest innovations, scientific research and clinical applications of natural products to support the innate healing and rebalancing capacity of the human body.

Dr. Brian Martin, ND

Dr. Martin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) in Biology and a Chemistry Naturopathic Doctorate Degree (ND) from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon and completed his practicum at East Moreland Hospital Emergency Ward. He is the founder of the NaturoMed Health Clinic and the EnerChanges. Diplomate in Anti-Aging Medicine from American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and is board-certified in Chelation Therapy. Dr. Martin is the former president of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC). Dr. Martin specializes in chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. He is also an expert in treating difficult (though common) problems such as obesity, infertility, and chronic fatigue. He is also a specialist in menopause, hormonal dysfunction and other anti-aging modalities.

“The clinical research on cannabinoids has already captured the attention of health care practitioners, regulators, professional athletes and the media, which is why investors are so keenly interested in the industry,” said Phivida CEO JD Belfontaine. “One of the factors that sets Phivida apart is our unwavering support for research and education into this important field of health and wellness, and our commitment to apply what we learn to benefit families. Appointing our clinical advisory team is an important first step in that process.”

The advisory team convened at the A4M 25th World Congress, where Phivida launched its Vida+ product line – a clinical grade range of products for higher potency and are third party laboratory tested for cannabinoid potency, terpenes, residual solvents, bacteria and pesticides.

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