Pinnacle Wealth Brokers

Reach the height of financial success

As an exempt market dealer, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers focuses on private capital not correlated within public markets. Formed as a result of new regulatory requirements that came into effect in 2010, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers set a goal to develop a strong national dealership.

Already with representation from Vancouver Island and east through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers has now been approved for business expansion into the Province of Quebec.

Business expansion

One step at a time, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers intends to become a nationwide dealer, furthering its national presence with operations in Quebec as well as an expansion into Canada’s Maritime provinces. Meanwhile, Western Canadian based brokers of Pinnacle Wealth Brokers are also investigating international expansion opportunities, particularly into the Asian markets, tying into that market as an area of specialization.

Its expansion into Quebec is already underway, with registration of the initial agents of Pinnacle Wealth Brokers within the Quebec market. Increasing client demand is a means for the rapid business expansion, and as the company website states, “With the disappointing performance and volatility of conventional investments, it’s no surprise that the specialty and alternative investment industry is booming with an influx of new clients.”

Committed to the exempt markets industry, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers is a leader in the Western Exempt Market Association. And what is particularly unique about Pinnacle Wealth Brokers is its distinguished history in the exempt market. As a non-issuer, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers does not offer its own products, but rather, the company is very objective as it works alongside some of the country’s top analysts in order to conduct a proper third party review and analysis of the products it chooses to market to its clients.

Such a philosophy allows Pinnacle Wealth Brokers to pinpoint the top products to offer to the marketplace.

“A unique aspect of Pinnacle Wealth Brokers is the research we do on the offerings that we decide to put on our shelf,” explained Rick Unrau, President and CEO of Pinnacle Wealth Brokers. “We work very closely with a company called Exempt Analyst and we utilize our analytical review first and foremost to make sure that we have great product knowledge of our offerings and that we understand the risks and the returns.”

Alternative investment space

Distinguishing Pinnacle Wealth Brokers, as a service organization, is its offering of strong support to several financial advisors in the marketplace, which is then parlayed to clients of financial advisors. In the exempt market, the history of Pinnacle Wealth Brokers is such that, since recent regulatory changes came into effect, the company has seen, as anticipated, many new entrants into the market.

Merging with Global Exempt Market Solutions this past November, the combined entities work within the alternative investment space specifically focusing on developing the brokerage model. Unrau commented on the merger, “We decided that it would make more sense to combine our collective efforts to really create the first really powerful dealership in the marketplace.”

Pinnacle Wealth Brokers has recognized a recent trend whereby clients are opting toward shorter term, per yield products, as such a gap exists within the regular capital markets. The trend within the exempt market has been toward more fixed income, cash flow type of products in the marketplace.

Industry best offerings

Since its beginning, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers has worked to raise awareness and legitimacy of the exempt market by driving legitimacy of the sector to the marketplace and the general public.

Providing exempt market offerings, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers offers a mix of cash flow, tax savings, and equity offerings in order to gain alternative investments, summarizes the company website. As brokers of “industry best offerings”, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers offers a range of private wealth management investment options. “We believe in a holistic approach to money management in which mutual funds and exempt market products provide diversity for our clients,” reads the company website.

“There is very limited awareness of what the exempt market is,” Unrau explained. “Regulatory rules that came into effect in 2010 were a response in the marketplace to really try to legitimize and move away from that unregulated marketplace. There really are some fabulous opportunities in this marketplace that we want to provide awareness of and exposure to in the market, so it is an education process.”