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Gourmet Pizza

Pizzaiolo lives by its philosophy “eat well to live well”.

With a wide selection of fine Italian cuisine, Pizzaiolo offers a variety of Italian food favourites at its locations spanning across the Greater Toronto Area.

Since The Canadian Business Journal  last spoke with Pizzaiolo in April 2010, the pizzeria has further expanded its growth across the Greater Toronto Area, from 18 stores to today’s 26 locations, with another location on the way as well.

Part of that reach has been a focus that allows the restaurant to deliver to all locations across Toronto and Etobicoke. Since its founding in August 1999—the restaurant recently marked 12 years in business—Pizzaiolo has continued to impressively build its presence across its marketplace, in an industry that is typically dominated by the big name pizza chains.

Italian food with Italian feel

In part of its success in offering fine Italian food to the Toronto market, Pizzaiolo looks toward its history. With an Italian background and a family of pizza makers, President and CEO Luigi Petrella has followed in the footsteps of both his Italian parents and grandparents in cooking Italian treats. With such a background, making good food was only natural.

The interior décor of all Pizzaiolo locations also resembles the ‘true Italian’ feel, symbolizing of a classic Italian home, while Petrella proudly displays photographs of Italy and his family around the restaurants.

Pizzaiolo understands the importance the customer service and, with this, believes the quality of ingredients and of array of menu selections carries through to the customer. Quite simply, the quality of the ingredients and the end result mean the most in the customer experience. In offering these gourmet food choices, Pizzaiolo takes pride in its ingredients and its product.

“Characterized by quality ingredients and only the freshest produce, Pizzaiolo presents Toronto’s best gourmet pizza,” reads the restaurant website. “Pizzaiolo—taste the best Toronto pizza and the difference that family, tradition and experience bring to the table.”

The menu at Pizzaiolo offers a variety of tasty choices, and among the most popular items include the Capone, topped with chicken breast, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, parmigiano, mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce. Another selection is the Sicilian pizza, topped with real bacon, Italian sausage, red onions, mozzarella, and Pizzaiolo’s homemade and flavourful tomato sauce, offering a true taste of Italy. Another choice is the Bianca pizza, which includes artichoke hearts, zucchini, garlic, feta, oregano, mozzarella, parmigiano and olive oil.

For those who prefer healthier choices, Pizzaiolo also offers a selection of vegetarian pizzas as well as vegan pizzas, from the Fredo (topped with Yukon Gold Potatoes, olive oil, fresh rosemary, and oregano), to the Whole Wheat Diana, to the Vittoria.

In offering fresh ingredients, all mozzarella cheese at Pizzaiolo has no rennet, all smoked Italian sausage is cut daily, Pizzaiolo uses Canadian bacon, as well as unbleached flour, extra virgin olive oil, and yellow corn meal for dough. All food is baked and no trans fats are included.

A true taste of Italy

Reads the Pizzaiolo website, “In old Italy, if someone wanted a great pizza, they would go to a Pizzaiolo—a respected, professional pizza maker, hence our name.

“The dedication of three generations of professional ‘Pizzaiolos’ have contributed to our delicious menu today. Starting in the 1940s, nonno (grandpa) Giuseppe and nonna (grandma) Ida opened their first pizzeria in the little town of Montorio, Central Italy.”

The 1960s brought a wave of Italian immigration to Canada and, with it, fine Italian food. “Mama Anna and Papa Antonio brought forth the old world traditions of making pizza, opening La Gondola in 1967 followed by Pizza Gigi in 1970 to celebrate the birth of baby Luigi.”

“Today, Luigi a third generation pizza maker, carries on the tradition and authenticity of the professional Pizzaiolo with many great locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Pizzaiolo has taken generations of pizza making pride to bring you a true taste of history.

As Pizzaiolo says, come to Pizzaiolo to taste the difference that family, tradition and experience bring to the table.