Plaza Premium Lounge

Airport oasis

Sit back, relax, and let Plaza Premium Lounge take care of the rest.

Plaza Premium Lounge, the first-class airport lounge that began nearly 14 years ago in Hong Kong, offers common-use airport facilities, available to any passenger, regardless of airline or travel class.

With its first lounge opening at the Hong Kong International Airport in 1998, Plaza Premium Lounge has since that time grown to more than 50 lounge locations worldwide in more than 18 international airports.

“We continue to grow as we look to the future, growing into other airports with additional facilities,” summarized Brent Bowes, Business Development Manager with Plaza Premium Lounge, who this month spoke with The Canadian Business Journal in highlighting the successful operation and role of Plaza Premium Lounge in a range of airports around the globe.

Available amenities

Plaza Premium Lounge offers comfortable, common-use lounge facilities worldwide. Cost of entry covers food, beverages, televisions, reading space, Wi-Fi Internet stations, and many other amenities, while a selection of lounges also offer other services, such as massage and salons, as well as shower facilities.

Key to the Plaza Premium Lounge operation is that it is open to all passengers, irrespective of which airline a user is flying with, or which travel class the user is flying. Plaza Premium Lounge is all about premium airport services.

“We are a lounge open to all passengers, but there is still a perception that you have to be a member to get into our lounges. But that isn’t true, you don’t have to be a member, anybody can walk in and pay a fee to utilize these facilities,” Bowes explained.

“Most airport lounges are airline lounges, open to first class, memberships or partners of those airlines in order to access those lounges. Our differentiation is that with us you can be aligned with any airline or any travel class and you can still come on in and take advantage of our lounges.”

Plaza Premium Lounge offers a variety of all-inclusive pricing packages, from two-hour to three-hour visits. Additionally, a partnership with American Express allows platinum cardholders access to the lounge as part of the card program benefits. Plaza Premium Lounge also retails annual pass programs, including a 10-visit pass and an unlimited use annual pass, useable at many worldwide Plaza Premium Lounge locations.

“If you’re a frequent traveller, these products represent very good value,” Bowes summarized.

Expansion on the radar

Already with two locations in Canada, at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport as well as the Vancouver International Airport, Plaza Premium Lounge will cut the tape in 2012 at its new lounge facilities at the Edmonton International Airport.

It’s also worth mentioning that Plaza Premium Lounge is interested in further expansion as well, and has its sights set on the lucrative American market. The company has made it a corporate objective to grow into the United States, in hopes to further enable the brand in supporting its partnerships in Canada, specifically with travellers who regularly commute between Canada and the United States.

“You always have to make the business case,” Bowes said. “One of the key differentiators between us and an airline lounge is that an airline lounge is basically a cost centre. Our lounges are profit centres. At the end of the day, we are in business to make money. Each and every location that we look at expanding into has to make the business case.”

With that, the goal moving forward is to expand the worldwide network of Plaza Premium Lounge.

“Here in Canada, we have a number of partnerships with various third parties that are supporting us with business and it behooves us to continue to expand our network and to continue to enter other airports we’re not in that will help us to serve those partnerships as we move forward,” Bowes concluded. “There is a great deal of interest in our lounge facilities from various areas of the world, particularly the Asia Pacific region, India, and the Middle East.”

Business environment offered

Airports can be stressful, noisy, and crowded, and what Plaza Premium Lounge offers is an escape.

Plaza Premium Lounge serves business travellers in quiet comfort away from the airport terminal, like “stepping into an oasis”. Providing premium airport services is truly highlighted in Plaza Premium Lounge’s ability to offer airport meeting facilities to business travellers.

Bowes attributes the dedication of Plaza Premium Lounge’s worldwide employees to the overall success of the company, particularly key management personnel. Bowes also pointed to the articulate system put in place by Plaza Premium Lounge that has allowed for all of its worldwide locations to operate smoothly.

“We are very processed-oriented with ISO certification, we have developed systems and processes that are standardized throughout the world and facilitate greatly in our ability to run an efficient and profitable operation in the various regions we operate.”