PolyPlay: Integrating Crypto-Currencies To The Real World

Toronto, Canada, Aug. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The last two years have been a game-changer for the e-sport industry, especially within the Blockchain space. In 2020, the general e-sport industry grew by 15.7%, about $149.4 million from the previous year. By 2021, the industry was valued at a little over $1.08 billion.

During this period, a new generation of gamers rose, including children who have shown profound skills. While a few are still participating in e-sport for the sheer fun, many have moved to turn their participation into a full-time job.

With each new day, players are constantly competing to rise through the ranks. Players have to rise from the bottom to become good, great elite, and finally legends. Usually, players at the bottom are into gaming for fun, while those at the top play to make money. The struggle remains with the middle players who are stuck between playing for money and struggling to monetize their skills.

Thanks to blockchain and its technologies, a team of experts are introducing a new project, PolyPlay, that seeks to help legends, novice, and most importantly, players stuck in the middle take their gaming experience to the next level.

Introducing PolyPlay

PolyPlay is a blockchain-based e-sports platform created to host e-sport tournaments for amateur players. Reportedly, PolyPlay seeks to help players achieve the level of professionalism needed to change their gaming lifestyles. Led by CEO BC Simon and CTO Pritesh Kucheira , PolyPlay’s CEO, the team behind the project has created one-of-a-kind platforms to allow both novice and expert gamers to get the most from the e-sport industry.

PolyPlay is a transparent platform that uses blockchain technology to provide the best gaming services in the industry. With a DOXXED team, PolyPlay will quickly gather the interest of that very same gamer stuck in the middle.

PolyPlay aims to host E-sport tournaments for all players in a professional manner despite their skill levels. The team shall be offering tournaments, a launchpad, and staking services in the coming days.

The platform promises to host the highest-paid tournament funded from its sizable prize pool. This prize pool will notably be funded by all transactions made on the project blockchain. For each transaction, a 6% Tax will be incurred. The breakdown includes 2% on tournament fees, 2% on overhead, and the last 2% for marketing. Both novice and expert players participating in the tournaments will get an opportunity to win up to $5000. All players need to do to share in these rewards is to buy, hold and play using PolyPlay’s native token.

There would be different tiers of tournaments based on the skill levels of the gamers. PolyPlay plans to host four games including DOTA2, LOL, CS:GO, and FIFA, to kick off things. These games will be hosted on different streaming platforms.

Players will also have an opportunity to own NFTs Card Game. Gamers will play NFT card games using rare, common, ultra-rare, and element NFT packs for attacks and defense.

PolyPlay sponsors and investors

One notable thing about PolyPlay is that it caters to the needs of its gamers and investors (sponsors and other companies). PolyPlay will use its live twitch stream, YouTube tournament highlight shows, and playroom store to promote these sponsors and companies. The playroom is a gaming platform with a play wallet for staking and a launchpad for new gaming projects. In addition, the playroom store will have official PolyPlay gear featuring sponsor and partner’s merchandise.

PolyPlay tokenomics

The PolyPlay ecosystem has a native token called PLAY, a total supply of 1 million PLAY. The team has set a launch supply of 211,000 PLAY. PolyPlay funding will include $0.40 per token for the private sale, while the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will have $0.55 per 1 PLAY.

For the total supply, the team will use 15% for rewards, 10% for the team, and 15% for the development of its ecosystem. Notably, PolyPlay was listed on PCS last month with a listing price of $0.62 for 1 PLAY.

PolyPlay’s future

After launching the PolyPlay website and social media platforms, the project will soon hold a presale on Oxbull, a DEX and CEX listing, Play the lottery, and increase utility through PLayBet Casino. In their subsequent phases, PolyPlay also plans to launch a PolyPlay store and build a bridge to Cardano and Elrond, among many more.

Media Contact

Founders: BC Simon and Pritesh Kucheira

Company Website: https://polyplay.net

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polyplaycoin

Telegram: https://t.me/PolyPlayGames

Discord: https://discord.gg/TAgndUz2Fc

Medium: https://polyplay.medium.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/polyplay_esports/

Youtube: https://polyplay.net/FaYoutubeSquare

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Name: Trideep Roy

Company: News Coverage Agency

Email: [email protected]

Team: News Coverage Agency Team

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