Polysleep and Matelas Bonheur announce a new partnership

Montréal, Canada, March 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Polysleep, the Montreal-based company known for its high-performance memory foam mattresses, is pleased to announce the deployment of its products in Matelas Bonheur stores. Starting today, consumers will be able to find the Zephyr mattress, the Polysleep mattress and the Polysleep pillow in the 18 Matelas Bonheur stores as well as on their website. This new partnership between the two companies is part of a desire to facilitate the testing of products and to make them accessible to a wider range of customers.

For Polysleep, this new collaboration offers an additional opportunity for sleepers to explore, in person, the brand’s most popular products. This is a reassuring approach for buyers as it ensures that customer service is personalized to the consumer’s needs. The expert consultants at Mattress Happiness will be pleased to accompany customers in their efforts to take control of their well-being through a good night’s sleep. Both companies are known for their professional and friendly service, so this new partnership is a natural fit.

The references of the sleep industry in Quebec, Polysleep and Matelas Bonheur, are confident that this collaboration will inspire consumers to invest in their comfort and physical health. The desire of the family business Matelas Bonheur to offer the best products available on the market is perfectly aligned with Polysleep’s philosophy, which is to promote well-being through a good night’s sleep.

Visit your nearest Matelas Bonheur store to get expert sleep advice to find the right Polysleep mattress for your needs.

About Polysleep: Founded in 2016, Polysleep is considered a pioneer company in the memory foam mattress industry in Quebec. Its primary motivation is to support the well-being of the body and mind through a balanced night’s sleep. Entirely manufactured in Montreal, Polysleep mattresses are designed to meet the needs of its most imperative sleep customers, while contributing to the local economy and reducing its carbon footprint.

With innovative solutions such as integrated support contouring, antimicrobial foam and sleep recovery technology, Polysleep enables its consumers to enjoy a healthier and more restful sleep. The company distinguishes itself mainly by the quality of its materials, its ethical and local manufacturing methods and its caring philosophy.

Visit Polysleep at https://polysleep.ca/ as well as their press kit.

About Matelas Bonheur : Founded in 1985, Matelas Bonheur is a family business from Quebec, specialized in the sale of mattresses and bedding accessories. Its primary mission is to offer the best expertise, as well as superior quality products to its customers. Having quickly gained the trust of its customers, the company now has 18 points of sale in the Greater Montreal area.

The family business stands out for its willingness to get involved with the Quebec community. Whether it’s through a fundraiser, a partnership or its involvement in an organization, Matelas Bonheur is happy to invest and give back to the community in order to make the Quebec industry shine. Wishing to highlight local businesses, Matelas Bonheur is proud to present products that are 95% made in Quebec.

Visit Matelas Bonheur at their 18 points of sale or at https://www.matelasbonheur.ca/


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