Premier Homecare Services

Home Sweet Homecare

Premier Homecare Services helps clients to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible, while being provided with compassionate, personalized and accredited care. Premier Homecare Services helps seniors and their families during life transitions, matching caregivers to client’s specific homecare needs.

David J. Watson, President of Premier Homecare Services, conceived the idea of a more personal approach to homecare while assisting his parents. Through this experience he found passion for caring for others and Premier Homecare Services opened its first office in 2003 in Toronto. The idea behind the business was simple: “Make a difference by providing reliable and compassionate services for people of all ages.”

Personal Approach

Premier Homecare Services tailors the care plans to best suit clients’ needs and situation, and carefully matches the client with the caregiver. In this aspect, the company looks beyond seeking a caregiver who has the required skill set, also examining whether the caregiver matches the client’s personality. To find the best match, the company reviews the client’s life story, their specific interests, nationality, and even religion. The company works to match clients with caregivers who have similar interests to create a space for engagement between the client and the caregiver.

Watson told The Canadian Business Journal, “We hold information meetings with families, and we talk to the family members and the client and learn about what they love to do or used to love to do. For example we had one lady who used to get together with her neighbours for afternoon tea. Being alone and not as mobile anymore, she missed out on that. So we got the caregiver to arrange a weekly tea. Eventually one of the ladies asked, ‘Why don’t you come to my place for tea?’ So this is the way to bring people back to life and make their life as pleasant and happy as possible. We are looking at our caregivers’ visits to work as a social visit, not the in-and-out work approach. We truly believe our caregivers are the most important people in our company. To be successful, we treat all of our caregivers with utmost respect, so they pass it on, treating our clients with the same respect and dignity.”


As a private company, Premier Homecare Services spends considerable amount of time training its caregivers, teaching them how to act, how to treat clients, and how to work with clients. As a franchisor, the company carefully selects who they want as franchisees so the integrity of the brand remains strong. Watson said, “We could have had twice as many locations if we had accepted everyone who wanted a franchise however that would have infringed on the service quality. With our current 10 locations, we now serve over a 1,000 clients.” Five of the locations are in the GTA, one in Ottawa, Kingston, Sault Ste. Marie, Kitchener/Waterloo, and one in Vancouver. The company is well positioned to add four to six franchise locations annually.

“Our franchisees are in business ‘for themselves’, not ‘by themselves’, and we provide our franchisees a network of support to discuss ideas and gain our expertise. It’s like having a personal business coach. We have conferences, regional seminars, extensive operations manuals and we keep our franchisees current to any changes that may affect their business. We work with our franchisees to help them grow their business, because we are only as successful as our franchisees.

“Our service is very personalized and very community-focused, so our franchisees must network and become very involved in their community. They must continuously be promoting the Premier Homecare Services brand so that when someone has a need they think of Premier.”

Active Minds Program — Going the Extra Mile!

To provide unique services for its clients, the company developed a cognitive care program called Active Minds. This program focuses on working with people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, age-related memory loss, stroke victims, traumatic brain injury and so forth. The program engages people’s cognitive functioning and provides cognitive stimulation through exercises and activities.

“This program helps people to improve cognitive functioning and attitude as these health issues can be extremely frustrating to the client, and make the perception of them as being difficult. From our experience this program lowers the confusion, improves speech and understanding and so forth. We are happy to have families coming up to us saying, ‘This is fantastic!’ about our Active Minds program,” Watson said.

Since 2003, Premier Homecare Services has provided exceptional services in the Canadian homecare market. Exceptional care has always been at the forefront for Premier Homecare Services so in 2007 the company underwent a comprehensive assessment by Accreditation Canada of all locations and received top honours by meeting the highest industry standards in client care and client safety. One more reason clients can be assured they chose wisely. With 10 locations across Canada, the company continues to improve people’s lives through personalized, compassionate care and redefining clients’ life expectations, helping them live independent lives in their own homes.