Premiere Executive Suites

Corporate Housing

In need of a short-term, residential-style stay? Try Premiere Executive Suites. In a shift from traditional hotel accommodations, Premiere Executive Suites offers extended stays in affordable residential properties. Formed in 1999, Premiere Executive Suites is a corporate housing provider of fully furnished, temporary residences.

International and coast-to-coast in Canada, Premiere Executive Suites’ portfolio includes more than 1,200 suites in 36 cities. A modern luxury in the temporary residence market, corporate housing is an attractive option that meets the needs of a long-term stay. Demographic reports show that corporate housing is a popular pick for mobile, managerial workers, with this group accounting for about 80 per cent of all corporate housing guests. A majority of users are between the ages of 25 and 54, and work in the government, education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or professional services sectors.

Corporate housing offers guests the whole gamut, including a full line of furnishings, housewares, and electricity. All you need to bring is your luggage.

Typically rented for 30 days or more, corporate housing is frequented by not only travelling employees, but also retirees or families in need of quick and affordable residential housing that offers all of the amenities, from a full kitchen, to en suite laundry, to multiple bedrooms, all designed to a four star standard.

“A residential property better suits long-term needs, and that’s what corporate housing does, and that’s what we do,” Jeff Brookhouser, President of Premiere Executive Suites, told The Canadian Business Journal. “Generally, hotels are located in commercial areas, not residential communities. Families and guests need to be in a neighbourhood that is close to their work, school, and the amenities to which they are accustomed.”

Demographic Research

Described as a strategic crossroads, Premiere Executive Suites is now at a point where it expects to generate about five per cent of the overall demand and a 10 per cent share of its target market. Upon working alongside pollster Ipsos Reid, the company then realized a national market opportunity of more than $1 billion, and has since refocused its efforts on establishing a 20 per cent market share in Canada.

Polling research also reflected that four per cent of Canadians have used temporary residences, but with only one quarter of that group aware of corporate housing. Furthermore, only five per cent of all poll respondents could name a specific corporate housing provider, such as Premiere Executive Suites.

“A lot of demand is being satisfied by traditional and extended stay hotels,” Brookhouser explained. “For us, the industry presents such a tremendous opportunity. We offer better solutions for enduring stays.”

The business of Premiere Executive Suites is about people, not just properties. The company focuses on forming long-term working relationships with its corporate clients and providing an exceptional customer experience. It is this fundamental philosophy that creates a true living experience for guests of Premiere Executive Suites and continues to steer the company’s success forward.

Market Demand

Premiere Executive Suites recognizes the increasing demographic of long-term guests who choose corporate housing to meet their residential needs. Statistics show that each year at least 250,000 Canadians require extended temporary residences, with the average being 63 days outside of the home. This amounts to more than $1 billion in accommodations costs. The majority of this demand is currently met by hotel stays, but the growing presence and market demand for corporate housing is beginning to change the industry norm.

“Some people prefer a hotel to lay down their head, and to have a restaurant on site,” Brookhouser concluded, “but the vast majority of the people that we service would rather have the residential space and all the comforts of home, as opposed to the commercial nature of a hotel, where you cannot cook meals in a full kitchen, or spend time with your spouse and family.”

For on-the-go managerial staff, to temporarily relocated employees, or for those in need of short-term residential-style accommodations,  corporate housing provided by Premiere Executive Suites meets all of your needs.