Prestige Auto Group

Uncompromised excellence through top-quality service

Since their inception, the Prestige Auto Group (Prestige) has 10 automotive brands in their portfolio catering to dealerships across Calgary and Edmonton. The Prestige Auto Group started with the acquisition of an underperforming Toyota dealership in Edmonton. Success came at a rapid rate and this location became the number one Toyota dealership in western Canada. The group then expanded into Calgary with two brand-new Toyota dealerships.

All three Toyota dealerships in the Prestige Auto Group are the three highest performing stores in western Canada, determined by overall success in sales and customer satisfaction. With proven results, the group grew into the luxury automobile market by building a brand-new, state-of-the-art Lexus dealership in Edmonton. Today, the dealerships are the some of the largest facilities of any manufacturer in Canada and have received architectural awards for their designs. Starting from one store in Edmonton, the group’s Toyota division sells more new vehicles than any other group in Canada with nearly 50% of all Toyota sales stemming from Alberta.

Prestige has diversified into the Nissan and Infinti brands as well by expanding into the Ontario market through their recent acquisition of Oakville Nissan and Oakville Infiniti. Their focus is to provide the same high customer satisfaction rate that has brought them great success in Alberta.

In addition to their dealerships, Prestige also provides a network of collision centers that offer quality auto body repair aimed at providing consistent service and integrity across all of their locations.

The Group’s philosophy towards growth has always been based around customer service which has resulted in a loyal customer base. The cornerstone of their success is built upon customer satisfaction instead of profits. Word of mouth from satisfied clients provides better advertising for the dealership than traditional media. Through repeat customers and their referrals, all the dealerships under the Prestige Auto Group banner have experienced exponential growth in a very short period of time.

The team at the Prestige Auto Group have an underlying passion for cars and customer satisfaction. This enthusiasm can be seen in every employee from the sales staff to the executives and has greatly influenced the higher policies for the dealerships. The weight placed on the previous experience of applicants is minimal compared to that placed on the individual’s commitment to enhancing the customer’s experience.

As the automotive industry continues to change at a very fast pace, the traditional sales process which included multiple visits to the dealership has been replaced with more online research and communication. Prestige strives to ensure that clients are able to receive all of the information that they seek, customized to their preferences. Prestige’s websites are constantly updated with the most recent information on all of their vehicles, prices, inventory, services and automotive news. Customers can contact Prestige via online bookings, email, text and social media.

Paired with the progression of technology in new vehicles, Prestige ensures that their team is up to date and trained on all new developments. The sales team receives continuous technical training in order to educate our customers on all the latest changes. As the automotive industry evolves, Prestige prides themselves on being proactive instead of reactive to the changes and trends of the automotive industry. Whether it is creating an e-commerce department or building facilities that cater to a customer’s every need, they are always ready to embrace the changes in the market.

Despite the impact of the Albertan and Canadian economy, the group is looking towards the future with great optimism as they continue to expand in 2016 and for many years to come. With plans on expansion into more regions of Canada, Prestige will continue to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction that can be found at their current dealerships. There are exciting things to come from the Prestige Auto Group in the near future and the group is excited to be able to continue to do what they do best on a national level.