Priestly Demolition Inc. completes majority acquisition of Jones Group Ltd.

TORONTO, April 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Priestly Demolition inc., (PDI) is a Canadian leader in the demolition industry, and has been recognized as such with multiple awards including; Five World Demolition Awards, and the coveted World Demolition Company of the Year Award.

Today, they are pleased to announce the Majority Acquisition of Jones Group Ltd. (Windsor, Ontario), facilitating the expansion of two well established companies. This acquisition will allow for PDI and Jones Group to work together on larger projects, across Canada and the United States.

“We look forward to close cooperation with Terry and his team as we expand our operations to facilitate bigger demolition, abatement and remediation projects than we’ve ever done before”. Said Ryan Priestly, President, Priestly Demolition.

“Ryan and I work very well together. I admire his integrity and drive and can’t wait to be working with the Priestly family to grow and diversify. As a team, we will bring the very best of everything to the demolition industry.” Said Terry Jones, President, Jones Group Ltd.

About Priestly Demolition

Over the past 25 years, Priestly Demolition Inc. has become well known for taking down iconic landmarks and for their dedication to green solutions. They are a trusted partner of government agencies, construction companies and privately held organizations, globally. PDI owns the largest fleet of demolition equipment and OilQuick attachments in the country, and have made large investments in their people, technology, engineering, health, safety and COR Certification.

PDI trained experts now dive deeper into the logistics of many different types of projects, helping to ensure clients are getting dollar for dollar results. With real-time production values and cross-platform technology PDI can stay on target, improve efficiency, and adjust as needed.

About Jones Group.
Over the past 20+ years, Jones Group Ltd. have gained the knowledge and skill required to grow from residential house demolition to multi-million dollar projects for Ford, GM, Windsor-Essex Parkway, Navistar, Hiram Walker, the University of Windsor to name but a few.

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