Print Three Franchising Corporation

Print Three Franchising Corporation solves your printing needs

In business since 1970, Print Three Franchising Corporation is Canada’s oldest and largest printing franchise network. The company spans from as far west as Nanaimo, B.C., and as far east as St. John’s, N.L., covering Canada with 50 locations, known as Print Three Smart Document Centres, with another 250 partnerships across the United States.

This month, Andrew Hrywnak, President of Print Three Franchising Corporation, spoke with The Canadian Business Journal about the success of the company and its future outlook.

It is interesting to note that in an industry that has evolved in recent years, from hard copy printing to electronic and digital files, snail mail to email, Print Three has emerged as a leader in that not only has the company been a part of this technological shift, it is also opening more doors in a time when many in business have struggled to keep afloat.

Expansion is a big part of the company’s plans for 2012, part of an impressive growth strategy that includes more locations in Western Canada, specifically British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, as well as additional locations in Ontario cities like Barrie, Kitchener, and Milton.

Print Three is also considering the addition of existing independent printing companies as part of its expansion. As small companies, these single printers may have difficulties operating in a developing marketplace, whereas becoming a Print Three franchise offers a network of more affordable services, supplies and technologies, as well as advanced and effective marketing strategies that would be otherwise unaffordable to a single print shop. Hrywnak commented, “We’re looking for independents that are interested in rebranding and reflagging with the Print Three network.”

Technological change

In an evolving industry, Print Three is the leader in adapting to change. The marketplace has changed and Print Three has been progressive in that change.

“We’re very big on technology and providing that technological edge to our customers to get better results in terms of their marketing dollars,” Hrywnak said.

“We’ve spent a lot of money on infrastructure and support, and not many people in today’s marketplace have the expertise that can be found at Print Three Franchising Corporation.

“In terms of the print organizations that are out there, we’re leading edge in terms of the technology solutions that we provide for customers, so it’s all about value add,” Hrywnak said. “We’re not about selling a commodity. Anybody can put ink on a piece of paper and sell it, but we want to sell value into that paper.”

Industry leaders

Technology is changing the printing industry. Print Three Franchising Corporation has incorporated this trend into its business model and has merged the use of print, personalization and the web in order to achieve the best end result for its customers.

Print Three strives to improve its customers’ print marketing results through implementing new technologies. Whether it is unique products that are personalized or web to print portals, the goal is to provide services that save money and time. Its in-house sister ad agency also offers an array of services, including website development, search engine optimization, and more, making Print Three a one-stop shop for any customer. Print Three Franchising Corporation is leading the new and exciting printing industry.

“We may not be printing millions of pages per job, but what we’re printing is more relevant, more personalized pieces for our clients in order for their businesses to get better results and be able to track those results,” Hrywnak said.

With these results, customers of Print Three are able to measure their return on investment of their marketing dollars. It has resulted in a major shift for the printing industry.

Print Three Franchising Corporation is also an industry leader in terms of becoming FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified an initiative dedicated to environmental responsibility and conservatism. Being in the printing industry, Print Three Franchising Corporation was one of the first Canadian chains to become FSC certified and today offers a range of FSC certified paper products. Hrywnak commented, “We felt it was very important. In our industry itself, we anticipate that within the next three years, all of the mills will sell FSC certified paper.”

The goal at Print Three Franchising Corporation is to continuing growing the Print Three network. With the best branded and most recognizable name in the printing industry, Print Three Franchising Corporation has had many long-term franchisees over the years, providing great organizational stability. Hrywnak concluded, “What we’re going through right now is a phase of those franchisees that have been with us for over 20 years retiring and therefore we do have some opportunities for new franchisees to purchase well-established existing businesses. Print Three Franchising Corporation has not only stood the test of time, but it has been a leader in the printing industry in Canada and will continue to look for new franchisees who want to be a part of a network that stands for excellence.”