Pro Oil Change

When it comes to car maintenance, few things are more desirable than a professional and convenient oil change. As a well-oiled franchise, Canadian owned and operated Pro Oil Change specializes in providing quick and exceptional service to its customers, for all car makes and models.

Travis Allan, the founder and CEO of Pro Oil Change, entered into the oil change business in 1996, and launched his first location in 1999. Since then, Pro Oil Change has been growing organically, expanding across Ontario and Canada and growing to 10 locations by 2008. In 2008, the company began offering Pro Oil Change as a Canadian franchising opportunity, and the business grew exponentially. The company expects to open its 30th Canadian location by the end of 2012.

Franchise Opportunity

“What makes us more attractive as a franchise is the fact that we are about one-third of the cost compared to franchises such as Mr. Lube. We are an established, mature business, but we are also an early-stage franchise, which makes us very competitive and desirable to franchisees, because of the cost and because our franchisees get the best pick on the franchise locations. As the business matures, locations get harder to come by.”

Allan also disclosed the unwritten franchise rule — as the franchise matures, the new franchisees find it harder to enter into the franchise system. “We plan to launch 30 locations by the end of 2012, and we have about 15 people on the waiting list for franchising sites. But as the business grows and more locations become available, we as franchisors are likely to offer the new locations to experienced franchisees internally before offering them externally. So getting in on an early stage franchise is a huge advantage.”

The sourcing of suitable franchise locations and finding locations with strong customer potential represents another edge for the company. With a great location a new market player can easily compete with an established trademark using the advantages of exceptional customer service; and with affordable franchise costs as an up-and-coming franchise. Pro Oil Change is currently balanced being both — an established business as well as franchise positioned for growth. Allan commented, “We want to offer a successful franchise and a fast entry into the car maintenance segment to our franchisees.”

In the Shop

Pro Oil Change staff gives high level of attention to its customers, while technicians provide exceptional maintenance service. Pro Oil Change offers customers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where they can enjoy a magazine and a beverage while their vehicle receives the highest attention. Pro Oil Change customers receive fast and convenient service (executed by certified technicians), complete warranty approval on all services, top quality parts and fluids (specified by vehicle manufacturers), fair value pricing, and with no appointment necessary.

Processed fluids are the life blood of any motorized vehicle. Pro Oil Change provides a complete visual inspection, checking 21 vital fluid levels and vehicle components such as brake fluid level, engine coolant level, serpentine belt, head and taillights, exhaust system, etc. Pro Oil Change provides full vital fluids service — power steering, radiator, transmission oil, differential oils, transfer case oil, final drive oil and engine flushing. To increase the quality of its service, Pro Oil Change partnered with Valvoline in 2001, making a tremendous difference in the way the company operates in Canada. Valvoline’s vast experience and resources have been an invaluable resource that has supported the company’s growth.

Integrated Community Engagement

Pro Oil Change also made an ongoing commitment to local communities. Pro Oil Change donates the customers’ tax – 13 per cent – to local sports programs, schools, or charities chosen by the customer from the Pro Oil Change donation list or by providing the information about the recipient of choice. At the end of each month, Pro Oil Change tallies all the purchases and donates the 13 per cent of those purchases directly to the chosen recipients. To this, Allan stated on the company website, “We hope we can play a big role in cutting the high costs of operating and participating in these essential local sports programs and school programs, and contribute to much-needed local charities and organizations.”

As an established business and up-and-coming franchise, Pro Oil Change is poised for growth. The company’s approach to store sourcing assures success at a moderate cost to the franchisee, and the company’s novel approach to community engagement likely makes it a chosen local destination for car maintenance services.