Professional Quality Assurance

Test smarter

In the niche market of software testing, Professional Quality Assurance has been successful by staying true to its word in performing the best in quality assurance and testing. Focused operations, and not overextending its means, has made the company successful in offering an unbiased service.

Over the first seven years of operations, Professional Quality Assurance remained a small-sized company. Organizational growth has taken off in recent years.

In less than two years, the company grew from five to more than 85 employees, and currently has almost 100 on staff.

In fact, earlier this year, Professional Quality Assurance added another organization under its belt, purchasing a British Columbia-based testing company known as rallyQA, a small, eight-person company. Professional Quality Assurance added the rallyQA contract to its operation and has already been able to grow the new entity at a much faster rate.

Rapid growth

The name of the game is simple: Professional Quality Assurance provides the best in quality by reviewing and testing software and content. The New Brunswick-based company, founded in 1997, has grown organically over the years to become an industry leader.

“There is a difference that as you grow, there are boundaries, and we’re at a point now where we’re really well-positioned both from the staff we have and our ability to deliver. The organization, from our market position, sees the opportunity that we could grow quite substantially over the next couple of years,” said Keith McIntosh, President & CEO of Professional Quality Assurance.

Professional Quality Assurance conducts automated testing for local New Brunswick companies. In fact, in the early years of the company, Professional Quality Assurance was engaged with Y2K testing, so it “was not a bad time to get started in being a testing company.” Five years later, in 2004, Professional Quality Assurance grew to become a remote/outsource testing company, adding worldwide clients and offices in major Canadian cities like Halifax and Vancouver.

Vancouver addition

McIntosh commented, “After spending about a year in Vancouver, and with some really good leads, we hired a principal to lead the west coast operations and it brought access to other clients.”

Two years ago, Professional Quality Assurance made the decision that it would like to have operations on both the east coast and west coast of Canada, growing this venture over time, and today the company has about 15 employees in British Columbia. McIntosh expects that the company’s west coast expansion will be equal in size to its founding New Brunswick operations within the next year to two years.

“We’ve had some big spurts where we have been opportunistic about taking on larger projects,” McIntosh summarized of the company’s early successes. “We have been able to grow quite quickly.”

Client relations

Professional Quality Assurance also attributes its success to its ability work well with a variety of different types of clients. “We can work with a lot of system integrators and software developers, but we’re not seen as competition. We’re a value add to their service,” McIntosh said. “We bring a third-party, unbiased and experienced view on how the software should be tested and what the results are.”

“The company has been focused very much on providing the service to the clients, whatever the client needs, we’ll figure out a way to get it done,” McIntosh continued. “We have a methodology that we can bring to the table, or if the client already has a lot of that methodology, we can work in their environment as well. We’re small and flexible, and we tend to focus on how a client wants to work, not the way they have to work with us. We’ll figure out what works best with the client.”

In addition to its flagship quality assurance service of software testing, Professional Quality Assurance also offers services in content validation, website usability, and content presentation. And while software testing continues to serve as the main hub of business for Professional Quality Assurance, the company recognizes that its content services tend to be a derivative of its software business. McIntosh summarized, “Everything we are doing content on is produced and delivered with software, so it is logical flow. We test the software, and once you deploy it, there is always content that needs to be tested as well.”

McIntosh added, “We’ve been on the fast track for growth for the last four or five years. It really helps from a networking point-of-view knowing who is out there in Atlantic Canada and who is growing.

“We’re well-positioned, we have the people, and we have the experience now. We’re aiming to become a substantially larger company over the next little while.”