Proteus Performance

Celebrating Twenty Years of Creative Solutions

The adjective ‘protean’ identifies those with the ability to adapt. Stemming from the Greek myth of Proteus, a demi-god with the ability to foretell the future, the word is often used in association with indications of versatility and malleability. It is this desire to progress with foresight and flexibility that drives Proteus Performance.

Proteus Performance is a pension plan governance and investment consulting services firm. Recognizing the need for comprehensive member education and support within the retirement pension program industry, Proteus aims to provide trustworthy consulting services to clients in an economically efficient manner. The firm supplies each plan sponsor, pension committee member, and employee with a highly accessible stream of relevant information and advice.

Proteus is an independent, privately owned company. The firm’s majority shareholder, Peter Henry, alongside colleagues Gord Lewis and Ryan Kuruliak, works towards a singular vision: to maximize the value of Proteus’s clients retirement income programs through providing the very best knowledge and service.This determined attitude, combined with the skills of Proteus’ highly experienced professional team, has pushed Proteus Performance to continually create innovative solutions to match client needs.
Proteus Performance is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. They offer pension governance and investment consulting services to clients within Canada and support throughout the international market.

The Proteus team consists of 14 professionals, including five holding the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and four in various stages of the process. A key aspect of Proteus’s success lies in its low turnover rates, proving the firm’s ability to attract and retain the best talent. Several individuals have worked with Proteus for over a decade. With ongoing success, Proteus will continue to grow.

To date, Proteus provides governance and investment consulting services to over 100 corporate plan sponsors, not-for-profit organizations, trusted plans, public plans, foundations and endowments. The firm currently operates with over $20 billion in assets under stewardship. Proteus’s client retention rates shine at over 97 percent, reflecting the firm’s superior service and satisfied client base.

A Legacy of Innovation

“Our goal has remained constant since the beginning,” says Proteus President and Founding partner Peter Henry, “We initially brought governance for pension plans, foundations, and endowments to the marketplace; this is still our core objective.“

In 1994, Henry established Proteus Performance with the vision to improve the quality and scope of services available within the pension governance industry. Working alongside several like-minded individuals, Henry and his team dedicated their efforts to creating unique solutions to the needs of their clients. Now, in 2014, Proteus celebrates twenty years of successful interactions and positive growth.

Proteus is a boutique firm. Its size gives it the ability to adapt quickly to changes in pension landscape and provide fast response and support to plan members.

“The retirement market is in constant evolution,” explains Henry, “We have the ability to be nimble. We can communicate with plan members and create product solutions quickly. Creativity and Innovation are important aspects in the operations and growth of Proteus, and we display this in the services we provide our clients.”

Proteus offers clients three core deliverables: pension plan governance, investment consulting, and advisory services. The first provides a pension framework and action plan best suited to individual organization needs. The second involves the evaluation and review of third-party investment managers, actuarial or record-keeping services and the matching of clients to their best-fit supplier. These deliverable services are provided to Defined Contribution Pension Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, Group RRSP’s, Foundations and Endowments, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans, and Non-Registered Savings Plans.

The third and newest deliverable Proteus offers is titled Proteus Advisory Services. This unprecedented offering addresses the fundamental need to engage plan members and guide them to retirement readiness with innovative tools and resources.

Guidance You Can Trust

This year brings more than just a celebration of Proteus’s past achievements. Proteus’s latest deliverable, Proteus Advisory Services, offers employers the unique opportunity to access retirement planning support through one-to-one consultations, interactive seminars, social media engagement, and a cloud-based web communication interface.
“Proteus Advisory Services is completely unique. It takes the best, most applicable aspects of different technologies, and puts them together to create a completely new and necessary solution,” explains Proteus Vice President Martin Leclair. “We can’t ignore the fact that plan members live in an integrated online/off-line world and this provides us with a great opportunity. For the first time, sponsors and record-keepers can use big data and marketing to enhance workers’ retirement readiness, turn them into brand advocates and reap the rewards of their investments in the benefits they offer.”

Proteus Advisory was originally developed in 2012 as a response to the need for improved employee education and access to retirement planning resources. In 2013, the service launched its cloud-based customizable member interface with integrated real-time web personalization technology. The advent of 2014 marks the widespread expansion of Proteus Advisory’s services, including its exclusive partnership with award-winning tech firm Evergage. Proteus Advisory Services has selected Evergage to play an integral role in its employee engagement solution that enables record-keepers and plan sponsors to understand and respond to retirement plan members’ behaviors with personalized messaging.

The Proteus Advisory online model implements the format of successful blogs and social media sites into an easy to navigate web-based platform accessible through a secure single-sign on (SSO) login. Financial calculators, retirement planning frameworks, investing models and a plethora of other available tools assist group plan members in engaging with their financial well-being and achieving their full financial potential.

Today, over 22,000 plan members have access to financial planning services through one or more or Proteus Advisory Services’ solutions. This deliverable continues to evolve alongside Proteus’ pension governance and investment consulting services, providing a comprehensive offering of guidance and support to all clients.