Provincial Court Reminds Albertans to not Attend Traffic Court in Person – Contact the Court Prior to the Trial Date

EDMONTON, Alberta, July 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a continued effort to protect health and safety of courts users and the public, and to contain the spread of COVID-19, the Provincial Court reminds Albertans to NOT come to a Provincial Courthouse in person if they have a Traffic Court trial date before September 4, 2020.
Too many Albertans are trying to appear in Traffic Court thinking that their matter will be heard in person. Instead, defendants and witnesses need to contact the courthouse by phone or email.Traffic Court deals with traffic, provincial offences, including offences under the Public Health Act, and by-law tickets.At this time, do not attend a provincial courthouse in person as either the defendant or as a witness for a trial to deal with a traffic, provincial offence or by-law ticket. Do not attend Traffic Court for any trial scheduled up to and including Friday, September 4, 2020.However, you must contact the court house where the ticket says you must appear by telephone or email.  Some courthouses (“circuit points”) may not be open to the public or at all.  Read both sides of your ticket carefully to see if there is an alternate location (“base point”) specified on the ticket where you may contact the court. You may consult a Google map of court locations in Alberta at also Traffic Court Contacts at can be paid at The service fee has been waived until further notice.If you have a “mandatory court” ticket (a pink coloured ticket) or you were released by the Court on a Release Order and you failed to contact Traffic Court on or before the scheduled appearance date, you may have a warrant outstanding for your arrest. You may wish to contact the courthouse you were supposed to appear at (or its base point as per the Court House Map referred to above) for more information about options for how to address your warrant and the charge. The Provincial Court encourages all participants to consult the Provincial Court COVID-19 Traffic Court page ( and the Provincial Court COVID-19 Court Information page ( for detailed and up to date information.

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