Pure + simple

Beautiful Skin, Naturally

From facials and peels, to exfoliation and creams, the natural skincare industry is experiencing exponential growth, taking over market share from the traditional beauty and spa market.

As consumers are being educated on the potential issues aligned with chemicals and additives in beauty products, they are seeking out alternatives with natural and organic ingredients. Jean Eng was one such consumer. As a professional marketing executive, Eng was so frustrated with the lack of natural skin services on the market that she took a degree at Humber College to satisfy her personal search for products that met her criteria for natural ingredients.

Eng, who had what she described as “troubled skin”, learned about natural and organic skin services and sought them out wherever she could. “Because there was little literature on products at that time, I wanted to make sure natural wasn’t sacrificing quality, and the only way to do that was to educate myself,” says Eng.
Finally finding results for her own skin issues from products void of harsh chemical and toxins, “By the time I opened my business, I was a poster child for the benefits of natural products,” says Eng.

Originally drawn to natural skincare from a personal passion, Eng saw an opportunity in the market to deliver what she had learned to other clients who wanted an alternative to mainstream beauty care, opening Pure + simple in 2000.

A curator of natural skincare and beauty, Pure + simple was established to offer the highest quality skin services to customers seeking natural products. The flagship store in Toronto’s Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood is staffed with a team of experienced and trained professional estheticians and beauty consultants dedicated to the offering quality makeup and skincare products with no petroleum, chemical fragrances, colour or preservatives.

“We knew there was a gap in the market for natural skincare,” says Eng. “Because we live sustainably and naturally, we are part of our own demographics. Pure +simple was born from the premise that living naturally would not compromise quality, and I think we achieve that.”

Pure + simple has expanded with locations in Toronto’s Yorkville and Liberty Village districts, and caters to customers who are constantly bombarded with what the perfect idea of beauty ought to be. “Customers need someone like us who will put a real face on beauty,” says Eng. “We sell products and services but we have a philosophy that beauty goes hand in hand with health. It’s about your personal beauty, not a stereotype.”

Pure + simple offers a wide range of skincare services. Beloved for the Pure + simple Facial, customers can choose from a menu of facials dependant on their individual needs. Pure + simple also provides a diverse range of natural beauty products, from facial skincare, Makeup, body care, hair care to organic perfume, tea, and Ayurvedic Supplements. “We specialize in skincare, everything you need as a professional woman to look good.”
Eng emphasises that products that meet the Pure + simple criteria. Eng has done the research and footwork to ensure her products are botanically sourced and without the need for synthetic chemical.

“We can actually cure problems that other products using chemicals can’t. The conventional chemical products are quite aggressive don’t do as good a job.”
“Beauty care can be extremely complicated and time consuming, and we believe clients have other things on their minds like careers. Our overall philosophy is making sure services and products we offer are the best and more results-focused compared to anything that is chemical.”

For Eng, Pure + simple is not just a business, it’s a lifestyle. The Pure + simple team regularly participates in climate change events such as 350.org, and donate to the Environmental Defence “so even though we are a business, we aren’t working against ourselves,” says Eng. Pure + simple encourages customers to reuse their brand skincare and receive a house credit to be used towards future products when they do.