Rebranding amidst expansion plans

Canada’s largest integrated distribution network has reformed.

Purolator is expanding its North American reach, not only across Canada, but doubling from 10 to 20 markets in the United States, in a move to grow globally with plans to expand internationally outside of North America over the next two years. The goal is to achieve a “new international identity.”

The logistic expansion sees the company rebrand its North American arms from Purolator Courier and Purolator USA to Purolator Inc. and Purolator International, respectively. It is building to become the global leader in freight movement around the world, transforming from a courier to a “comprehensive logistics service provider focused on delivering Canada fully and sustainably”.

Founded in 1960, and servicing Eastern Canada with just two staff, today Purolator has more facilities and more regional centre than any other Canadian courier company. The company handles more than 1.1 million parcels a day, about 400,000 pounds of air freight nightly, and 100 million pounds of air freight yearly. It is the most extensive courier network in Canada, and advocates itself as “Canadian transportation experts you can trust.”

International expansion

“This change allows us to combine the strengths of the two divisions so we can offer enhanced air and surface forwarding services to customers,” John Costanzo, President of Purolator International, said in a report. “At the same time, we will solidify our role as the market leader for services to, from and within Canada.”

The move will provide more industry leverage to Purolator.

“It’s time [to rebrand]. We turned 50 last year and in those 50 years we build a lot of expertise in the parcel business. We haven’t stopped there,” Tom Schmitt, Purolator President and CEO, commented on the factors contributing to Purolator’s rebranding. “It is a reflection of what we are today and what we are going to make for the next 50 years as the market leader in the parcel business in Canada, with more than 30 per cent market share and also as a dominating player in the freight business.

“We have better services, a better range, and more reliability than anybody else, so we have evolved. We aren’t just a courier company.”

Canada Post, the nation’s primary postal operator, has owned a major stake in Purolator since 1993, which today has grown to 91 per cent ownership. Canada Post plays a large role in supporting Purolator’s extensive national networking and infrastructure.

“We’re proud of our Canadian heritage and of the company we’ve built,” Schmitt said in a report. “Purolator is Canada’s largest logistics company and our current selection of services covers more than our legal name embodied. In addition to offering best-in-class courier services in Canada, our team of more than 11,300 dedicated teammates offers a broad range of logistical services tailored to our customers’ business and personal needs.”

Where business is going

The rebranding will further solidify Purolator as Canada’s leader in the logistics market, keeping ahead of the competition.

“We have been delivering Canada for 50 years and it has primarily been in that courier market. Our differentiation in the marketplace in Canada is that we are the home team and we have focused on delivering Canada,” said Michael Cote, Senior Vice-President at Purolator. “Canada is our core product; our emphasis.”
Moving forward, Purolator’s strategic vision can be summed up in a single word: Growth.

“We have built five decades worth of reputation in the Canadian market, bringing the same expertise from the parcel business over to the freight business, so there is no reason why our freight market share should not be 10 per cent,” Schmitt said. “Our vision is delivering to Canada more sustainability than anyone else because as we grow we want to make sure we do it the right way. That’s how growth impacts our strategy.

“We’re proud of the company we’ve built over 50 years. But most of all, we’re proud of our people—our Purolator teammates. It is their talent and commitment that has made us one of this country’s most respected companies and admired corporate cultures. And it is our people who will propel our success for the next 50 years.”