R1 Airlines

A Regional Airline with a Global Mentality

At R1 Airlines, no destination is too far. Adopting the tagline, “Boundless”, the Calgary-based charter aviation company brings clients to destinations other airlines refuse to go. The company regularly flies into remote and vulnerable locations across the globe in order to help clients get to their business safely and comfortably.

Proven Experience Flying to Unproven Destinations

In 2003, Avmax Group Inc. established Regional 1 Airlines in Calgary, Alberta. The Avmax Group of companies, which also includes Avmax Aircraft Leasing, Avmax Aviation Services, Avmax USA, provides comprehensive global solutions for a variety of aviation needs.

Regional 1 initially operated scheduled services in Western Canada, primarily targeted towards transporting workers to and from natural resource hubs. Demand for Regional 1 flights increased exponentially. The company quickly began servicing the international market. On September 11, 2005, Regional 1 decided to focus its efforts entirely on charter flights.

Regional 1 continued to grow, the aviation company became well known for flying clients to even the most unwelcoming areas of the globe.

“R1 currently provides humanitarian air service in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We moved staff for numerous non-government organizations   into Haiti following the 2010 earthquake,” explains Matt Lomas, General Manager of R1 Airlines, “We’ve also flown to areas across Africa accommodating the needs of humanitarian agencies and the resource sector.”

On November 11, 2013, Regional 1 completed a joint venture with Air Georgian. Ontario-based Air Georgian operates under the brand Air Canada Express, focusing on transborder and domestic airline operations carrying over 350,000 Air Canada passengers per year utilizing Beech 1900 and CRJ aircraft.

The joint venture resulted in the creation of a new parent company, Real Express Aviation Ltd. (REAL), owned equally by Avmax and the Georgian International Group of Companies. Regional 1 was subsequently rebranded as R1 Airlines.

Today, R1 Airlines has access to the world’s largest fleet of Dash 8 and CRJ series aircraft. These aircraft can be customized to fit the needs of each client. The R1 fleet offers the option of 19, 30, or 50 passenger seats in addition to cargo capabilities.

“The fleet is very diverse, and well suited for both remote operations and large airport activities,” explains Richard Pollock, Business Development Manager for R1 Airlines.

“If Your Business Takes You There, So Will We”

There are no limitations to what R1 Airlines offers its clients – both in terms of services and geographic scope. The company flies primarily for those in the resource sector, peacekeeping and humanitarian groups, corporate firms, leisure and travel organizations.

Geographically, R1 Airlines truly is limitless. The company flies to some of the most remote and vulnerable areas of the globe on a regular basis. “We work in partnership with our clients,” says Eric Edmondson, President of R1 Airlines, “Many have difficult jobs in challenging regions of the world. We provide a solution for their travel needs in those areas.”

“We’re well aware that other Canadian aviation operators won’t enter the areas we do; but we appreciate what our clients need to do and we want to be their partners in that.

R1 Airlines’ strong leadership – both from Regional 1 and Air Georgian – the wealth of resources and experience, and our ability to partner with major entities allows us to take advantage of opportunities others cannot” adds Pollock.

R1 Airlines also offers ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) wet leasing. This service is a particular beneficial asset when travelling to remote locations that may lack the necessary staff and infrastructure for safe, comfortable flights.

“There are a lot of different aspects going on behind the scenes of each flight,” says Pollock, “We try to make flights so seamless and comfortable that the process seems easy!”

World Class Safety Standards

The November 2013 merger between Air Georgian and Regional 1 resulted in a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of safety standards. The rebranded R1 Airlines adopted the very best systems and standards from the two parent organizations, creating one of the most rigorous safety procedures in the world.

R1 Airlines uses the Air Georgian safety management system – which, due to being an IATA registered airline has an abundance of information technology and technical resources that are required to satisfy the audit associated with being a member airline. Both Air Georgian and R1 Airlines undergo extensive safety audits on an annual basis.

“We not only meet the safety standards set by Transport Canada, but a roster of third party audits. How we crew the aircraft and track performance is important to these groups,” explains Pollock, “When it comes to safety, we meet the highest standards, be it government or client related.”

Even R1 Airlines’ pilots stand above the competition in terms of safety and customer service. As R1 Airlines clients require more staff experience and assurance, especially when flying into less developed regions, R1 Airlines pilots must be extremely careful. Potential team members must have thousands of flight hours. Pilots regularly train through simulations and line checks.

“The training provided [with R1 Airlines] is exceptional – the very best I’ve experienced throughout my career,” Ben Hiebert, a member of R1’s piloting team, tells CBJ, “The Company spares no expense when it comes to improving employee skills. There is a great support system in place to assist pilots, wherever we go.”

“The experience can really be described through personal growth,” Hiebert continues, “It’s very diverse; the change in where you go and what you’re doing keeps the work interesting. Although maintenance, engineering, and safety checks are very similar across the globe, each area has unique challenges. R1 Airlines gives the support and training needed to excel.”

A Mandate for Growth

R1 Airlines has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. The company has increased its fleet size, fostered valuable business associations, and reached more challenging destinations. Yet this is truly only the beginning for R1 Airlines. Over the next few years, the company intends to continue to expand and thrive.

Richard Pollock believes R1 Airlines will be, “an integral component of the workforce transportation business model,” within the next five years. As he explains, “R1 Airlines has gained significant traction as an integral vendor and provider for those looking to transport large amounts of people to and from remote job sites around the world.”

“Our potential really is boundless,” says Edmondson, “We have an experienced management team and great front-line employees. We are a very well capitalized company, with access to the necessary aircraft resources.”

R1 Airlines mandate for sustainable growth shines through in each conversation with the team. The company has begun to define itself as one of Canada’s premier providers of charter flight services.  As put by Edmondson, “There truly is no limit to R1 Airlines growth potential!”

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