Rafat General Contracting

Fulfilling All Your General Contracting Needs

The Rafat General Contracting Group provides services to cover every aspect of a quality construction project. Since 1988, owner Carlo Salim has established Rafat as a trusted reputation amongst its customers and peers as being the best, one-stop source for construction projects ranging from basic, residential work to large-scare specialty projects for industry.

In an industry with many moving parts and schedules, Rafat’s umbrella of companies provides a complete range of services to ensure its projects are done succinctly, on time, and on budget. A dedicated team of managers, supervisor, and hands-on skilled tradesmen equalling 300 employees work together on every project, providing proven high-quality work. Headquartered in Bolton, Ont., Rafat’s work is showcased across Ontario in high profile corporate project, major municipal projects, and countless residential projects.

Rafat’s latest addition to its roster of services is a landscaping division headed by Landscaping Division Manager Rick Lima. “The new landscaping division does the full gamut of services, anywhere from the estimating part of the landscaping for commercial or residential lands,” he says. “We work on the hardscapes, which is where you do the stonework, and the interlock work. And there’s the soft scapes, which is the tree planting, and the gardens, in all aspects of the landscaping construction. And we also follow through with the winter maintenance, for instance, as with our contracts with Metrolinks (regional transportation authority for the GTA) where we do full snow clearance, de-icing, etc.”

A client can be building a million-dollar build, and landscaping is the final touch on the project. The landscaping part is a complement on either their home or their building.

With our four distinct seasons, landscaping part is particularly important here in Canada, says Lima.

Lima came to Rafat in 2012 to concentrate on growing the landscaping division. “When you are building something and you take on that challenge, it is a very good feeling. I also look for the support that I get from my owner at the end of the say. He wants our division to thrive as much as I want it. That’s very important to me, and growing, and building from there. Our resources are always next to none, so as part of our management, resources are where we feel very comfortable when we pick a task out or project, knowing our owner is always there to back us up with anything that we need.”

It’s difficult to pinpoint a hallmark of a Rafat project, because the company takes on such a variety. “There’s no such thing as too big or small,” says Lima. “Our priority is on continually building the clientele, so there’s no such thing as a small project.”

Ultimately, a Rafat project can be summarized by “exceeding customer expectation, and putting clientele in a comfortable position,” says Lima.


Safety is the number No. 1 priority for Rafat employees and clients, going the extra milk to ensure the safety and health of those involved in a project. Rafat also incorporates a stalwart environmental commitment to every aspect of its projects, and implement periodic health and safety and environmental liability reviews frequently.

“With a safety reputation, you go far,” says Lima. “It becomes part of being well organized for a project.” Rafat keeps a clear goal to keep our safety, and always keep its employees knowledgeable about safety with courses.

Rafat specializes in meeting demanding budgets and deadlines and are always available to its clients. The Rafat Group of Companies has proven it consistently provides an unparalleled level of service that is unmatched.